What should I do if my morning erection disappears?


Men, when you get up every morning, do you always find that your lower body has quietly set up a "little tent"?

This phenomenon is called morning erection. The so-called morning erection refers to the erection of the penis in the morning. This erection occurs in an unconscious situation and is not under the control of thinking. So, is it normal to not have morning erections? What factors can affect morning erection? What should I do if the morning tree disappears?


Is it normal to not have morning erections?

Age is a normal determinant of morning erection. After sexual maturity, with age, the number of morning erections becomes more frequent and the duration also increases. After the age of 30, morning erections will gradually weaken or decline with age. However, some elderly people can still have a satisfying sex life although they do not have morning erections.

Morning erection is an important indicator of male sexual function, and it is also an important basis for determining whether male erectile dysfunction is pathological.

What factors will affect morning erection?

The disappearance of morning tree is all because of...

1. Emotions

Due to the high pressure of work, unsatisfactory things in life lead to excessive grief and anger, depression, etc., which can significantly reduce morning erections.

2. Drugs

Long-term use of anti-tumor drugs, anti-hypertensive drugs, hypoglycemic drugs, antacid drugs, sedative drugs, etc. in men can reduce morning erection.

3. Disease

Many diseases can affect sexual function and morning erection, such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, lumbar disc herniation, etc.

4. Fatigue

Excessive fatigue and mental exhaustion in men can also affect morning erections.

5. Bad habits

Male excessive smoking, drinking, irregular work and rest time and other bad habits can also affect morning erection.

6. Sleep

Adequate sleep time and quality of sleep in men will affect the secretion of male hormones to varying degrees, thereby affecting morning erection.


What should I do if the morning tree disappears?

There are many reasons for the disappearance of morning erections in men, which may be caused by negative psychological emotions such as fear, anxiety, mental trauma, guilt, and discord between husband and wife, or may be caused by diseases such as sexual dysfunction, impotence, prostatitis, etc. May be related to fatigue and age. If it is only caused by psychological emotions, you can do some aerobic exercise. If it is caused by disease, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination.

Diet recovery: Men can eat more leeks, peanuts, and animal livers. Usually strengthen physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, control the addiction of tobacco and alcohol, and actively exercise regularly.

Drug recovery: It is recommended that men take drugs such as Shenbao, or Jinkui Shenqi Pill, or Wuzi Yanzong Pill. It is also very important to insist on taking medicine and change bad living habits, otherwise it is just to stop the boil, and do not eat cold and spicy food in the diet.

The reasons for the disappearance of morning erection mainly include mental factors; any disease that may reduce the blood flow of the cavernosal artery of the penis; surgery, trauma to the related blood vessels and nerves of the penis, etc.

Regularly exercise and strengthen nutrition. If the condition has not improved, it is recommended to go to the hospital for a systematic examination. Morning erection refers to a man's natural erection of the penis in the early morning [4-7 o'clock], which is not controlled by the situation, action or thinking. Bore is an important performance or indicator of normal sexual function and strength. From the description, as the age increases, the morning erection tends to weaken, and the absence of morning erection does not mean that there is no sexual ability.