4 symptoms of bladder cancer in men


Shortly after Xiao Liu's 30th birthday, last year he found that he frequently had abnormal symptoms of blood in the urine when urinating, and he began to think it was caused by getting angry. But after a period of time, the symptoms of blood in the urine when urinating still exist.
This made Xiao Liu feel that the situation was not right. He was accompanied by his family to the hospital for an examination. After a urine test and a color Doppler ultrasound, the doctor told him that he was probably suffering from a tumor.
However, further examination is needed to clarify the specifics. He was hospitalized on the same day, and the doctor prescribed cystoscopy and pathological biopsy for him. During the few days of waiting for the test results, Xiao Liu's blood in urine was relieved after treatment.
I thought it was a sign of improvement, but the biopsy showed bladder cancer, but luckily the disease wasn't advanced. After treatment, Xiao Liu has recovered and been discharged from the hospital.
The doctor told Xiao Liu that his bladder cancer was a "good cancer", and the treatment and prognosis were better than other cancers. These words made Xiao Liu confused. It's not all cancer. Why is bladder cancer a "good cancer"?
Why is bladder cancer called "good cancer"?
According to the data published by WHO, the 5-year survival rates of bladder cancer in the early, middle and advanced stages can reach 91.9%, 84.3% and 43.9% respectively , which is a very high value among all cancers. .
In other words, most men with bladder cancer can survive for 5 years or more after treatment. Of course, bladder cancer is like other cancers. The earlier it is found, the less difficult it is to cure, and the better the prognosis will be. When bladder cancer strikes, what abnormal symptoms will the male body have?
Being "targeted" by bladder cancer, be careful with several symptoms
1. Frequent urination and urgency
When the tumor invades the bladder trigone of males, it will cause the bladder to be adversely stimulated, and then cause the symptoms of frequent urination and urgency in male patients.
2. Difficulty urinating
When the lesion grows to a certain size, it will cause obvious compression to the bladder of male patients, which may block the bladder outlet, resulting in the inability of male patients to urinate normally. symptoms.
3. Hematuria
Not all hematuria is caused by bladder cancer, but most male patients with bladder cancer will have symptoms of hematuria. Male patients will have obvious red urine, but there is generally no other discomfort in the body except hematuria. , you must seek medical attention in time if symptoms occur.
4. Other systemic symptoms
The lesions of some male patients will grow near the ureter, which is easy to involve other organs, such as causing hydronephrosis, abnormal increase in kidney volume and so on. At the same time, male patients may also have symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath, and abnormal liver function .
When you find the above symptoms in your body, you must be vigilant and seek medical attention in time without delay. Many people are not clear about the causes of bladder cancer in men, and even don't know why they are sick after the disease. Let's take a look at the reasons that may cause bladder cancer in men.
Often holding back urine can cause bladder cancer?
At present, the clinical cause of bladder cancer in men is still unclear, but it is certain that there is a great relationship between the occurrence of bladder cancer in men and some daily bad habits:
For example Long-term smokers have a 2 to 6-fold increased risk of developing bladder cancer , and with the increase in smoking age and the number of cigarettes smoked, the prevalence will also increase; some work in the dye industry, The leather industry and people who need to be exposed to exhaust gas such as diesel also have an increased risk of bladder cancer;
Patients with schistosomiasis also have a somewhat increased risk of cancer; patients with cystitis, urinary stones, long-term urinary tract infections have a significantly increased risk of bladder cancer; and Drinking alcohol also causes a 2-fold increased risk of bladder cancer.
Under normal circumstances, holding back urine will not directly cause bladder cancer in men, but holding back urine may induce cystitis, urinary tract inflammation and other diseases, which will indirectly increase the risk of bladder cancer , so daily life is best Don't hold back.
In addition, some people who want to prevent bladder cancer should try their best to quit smoking and limit alcohol . If you have the primary disease, you should actively treat the primary disease to avoid the disease continuing to develop into cancer.
People who need to be in contact with people who may be carcinogenic for a long time need to undergo regular physical examinations including urine tests. Physical examinations can help to detect abnormalities in the body in time, so that they can be dealt with in time to avoid the continued development of the disease.
Although bladder cancer is a "good cancer", patients also need to endure a lot of pain during the treatment process. As ordinary men, we still have to "kill the disease in the cradle" as much as possible. Some risk factors are best not to do.