Common symptoms of male menopause


When faced with women's sudden temper, many people will quietly label them menopause, as if only women experience menopause. In fact, menopause is not a women's privilege, and men may also fall into the trouble of menopause.

1. Do men also have menopause?
In the popular impression, menopause is a life obstacle that women will encounter when they reach a certain age. At this stage, female friends will have obvious emotional and personality changes, are very sensitive to external things, and overexpress their emotional pressure. On the contrary, men do not seem to have Such trouble. In fact, before menopause, men and women are equal, and male friends also have menopause.
Male menopause, medically known as androgen deficiency, delayed-onset low testosterone syndrome, also known as male presenile syndromes or menopausal depression, refers to middle-aged men transitioning to old age, due to human aging, endocrine weakening, gonads. The changes lead to a significant reduction and deficiency of androgen-testosterone levels, resulting in a syndrome such as changes in sexual function, mood disorders, and autonomic dysfunction.
Androgen is one of the most important hormones in the male body. The reduction of androgen levels in old age can cause significant changes in endocrine and metabolism, and even pathological changes, which will ultimately affect human muscles, bones, physical strength, cognition, fat and other aspects. , the continuous increase of adverse reactions is the main factor in the advent of male menopause.
Men usually enter menopause when they are 50 years old. At this time, the body's endocrine and androgen secretion are also reduced. This process is realized slowly, so the early symptoms are minimal and not obvious. In clinical treatment, the symptoms of menopause are concentrated in 55-60 years old. Men in this age group must pay attention to their own symptoms.
Second, common symptoms of male menopause
Menopausal men will also show a series of external symptoms. According to physical and emotional feedback, people can judge whether they have entered menopause, and can also actively respond and treat accordingly, so as to strive to get out of the predicament of menopause as soon as possible.
1. Lack of energy and insomnia
Due to the decrease in androgens, men entering menopause will experience symptoms such as decreased vitality, physical decline, insomnia, fatigue, sleep disorders, and even a small number of people will experience muscle and waist pain, as well as a decline in intelligence and spatial skills. Sleep disturbances caused by menopause are usually accompanied by physical numbness, tingling, dizziness and heart palpitations.
2. Tantrum, sudden change in temperament
Men will become sensitive and changeable during menopause, and their emotions about external things will change greatly. They are prone to symptoms such as depression, depression, depression, irritability, and even memory loss and lack of enthusiasm for life. In severe cases, the ability to work and live will be affected.
3. Abdominal obesity
The reduction of androgens in males means that endocrine and metabolism will change. At this time, muscle mass will also decrease simultaneously, but the relative fat will increase. When fat accumulates in the abdomen, although there may be no obvious weight changes externally, abdominal obesity is not. may be prominent.
4. More physical problems
Menopause begins at the age of 50, which is also the early stage of old age. At this stage, the physical fitness of men begins to decline. Various changes due to the reduction of androgens will become the beginning of the disease, especially the functional decline of the organs, which may break out Out of organic lesions, such as: coronary heart disease, hypertension, tumors, etc.
5. Autonomic nervous disorder
In the elderly stage, the lack of elasticity of blood vessels in the human body will lead to hardening of blood vessels, aging, arteriosclerosis, etc., which will lead to abnormal blood vessel regulation, that is, autonomic disorder, accompanied by palpitations, sweating, facial flushing, headache and other symptoms.
Third, after the age of 50, how to deal with andropause syndrome?
Men tend to shy away from menopause, and few people know how to properly deal with the various changes of menopause.
1 , emotional regulation, grasp the optimistic attitude
Menopausal men's androgen reduction will also lead to obvious changes in mood, and mental problems can be big or small, so we must learn to regulate emotions and release pressure. In fact, it is not only in the face of menopause, but emotional stress in life can also be released through self-regulation or telling others, such as: traveling, participating in recreational activities, meditation, music, etc., or even seeking professional psychiatrist help.
2 , strengthen exercise, exercise to strengthen the body
A moderate amount of exercise can increase the vitality of the human body, help the human body to exercise muscles and bones, and is also beneficial to the maintenance of muscle mass. Generally, adults are recommended to do aerobic exercise 3-5 times a week. Going downhill, it is recommended to choose a more gentle exercise method, such as: swimming, walking, cycling, etc., each exercise is preferably 30-60 minutes, pay attention to warm up, step by step.
3, Improve sleep and enjoy a happy life
Improving sleep quality can be done by improving the sleep environment and increasing sleep time, such as: changing a more comfortable mattress, ensuring a quiet space during sleep, and ensuring 5-8 hours of sleep. Male menopause should also pay attention to maintaining family harmony, and sometimes group activities can be carried out to strengthen family emotions and atmosphere, such as travel and play.
4, a reasonable diet to ensure adequate nutrition
Male menopause should also pay attention to diet to ensure adequate intake of nutrients, especially for muscle and bone health problems, pay attention to increasing the supplement of high-quality protein and calcium, and can also supplement androgen in moderation.
5, Active treatment, seek medical help
In the face of menopause, men should first do regular physical examinations, pay attention to self-examination in life, and treat symptoms in time. If there are chronic diseases, actively treat them, and strive for early recovery or relief. For menopausal androgen, testosterone decline problem, men actually It can be supplemented by professional medical means, such as injections, skin patches, oral tablets, subcutaneous implants and other methods.
Menopause is a difficult life stage for both men and women. Fortunately, as long as you actively deal with it, you can avoid health risks. It is important to note that scientific supplementation of testosterone and androgen requires professional methods. You should not take self-purchased drugs without authorization. If necessary, you must go to a regular hospital for professional examination and treatment.