What are the characteristics of women's consumer psychology?


Women can be said to be the main force in the consumer market. As long as they go to the street, they will definitely buy and buy. It seems that whoever grabs women's pockets grabs the opportunity to make money. Therefore, in the consumer market, brands also attach great importance to the importance of women, and often launch some things that are in line with women's consumer psychology, which will fully tap the women's consumer market. So, what are the characteristics of women's consumer psychology?


1. Feature 1: Pursuing beautiful psychology

Beauty is a woman's nature. Whether it is young girls or middle-aged and elderly women, they all want to fully show their charm and dress up beautifully. Therefore, when women choose products, the first feature is that they are required to be beautiful, fashionable, and unique, and pay special attention to the appearance of the products. Whether the product can increase their image and whether it can make them look young and beautiful is one of the criteria when selecting products. Therefore, merchants often design beautiful packaging for women, in order to arouse women's desire to consume.

2. Feature 2: Emotional, conformist psychology

Women are perceptual animals, with strong emotional characteristics, easy to be sensitive and good at association. This characteristic can be reflected in commodity consumption, mainly because it is easy to be dominated by emotions, resulting in temporary purchasing desire or forming a preference for a certain commodity. For example, the sales promotion makes women feel empathy; or friends who have used useful things and are influenced by their peers will also buy the same products as friends; they may also choose products that the public buys more and choose the same things as others.


3. Feature 3: The psychology of showing off

Many female consumers like to show off to others, and when they buy things, they must show that they are different from others, that they are more powerful and rich than others. Therefore, they will pursue luxury, high-quality, high-priced products, while ignoring the practicality of the products. Because of these psychological characteristics, women believe that as long as they can show their identity and status and reflect their differences, they will be willing to consume.

4. Feature 4: Affordable psychology

Women are generally the hostess at home. They need to take care of housework, take charge of housekeeping, and be responsible for all expenses such as food, clothing, housing and transportation for the whole family. There will also be a certain amount of financial pressure, so this makes these women develop the habit of being prudent and thrifty. The best thing is good quality and low price, which is the easiest to attract women at home. This can be reflected in daily consumption activities. They hope that the things they buy can not only meet their certain needs to the greatest extent, but also have the characteristics of high quality and low price and durability.

5. Feature 5: Will be affected by self-consciousness

There is also a type of women who have strong self-awareness and self-esteem. They have their own opinions and are not easily influenced by others. They hope that what they choose is wise and effective, so as to reflect their consumption value. This characteristic can be reflected in actual consumption. For example, the tone, expression, tone of introduction and eyesight of the salesperson will affect the shopping desire of such women, and they have their own judgment.


The above points show the shopping trends of most female consumers. However, it cannot fully summarize the characteristics of female consumer psychology. Different consumption areas also depend on specific circumstances.