How to adjust the psychology of female menopause?


Menopause is a time every woman must go through. Forty-five to fifty-year-old is the high incidence period of menopause for women. Most of them will have symptoms such as irritability, irritability, menstrual disorders, insomnia and dreaminess. And some women are prone to serious negative psychology such as depression, sense of loss, inferiority complex, and anxiety due to environmental factors and work factors. A person's psychological state will affect the physiological state, so it is very necessary to maintain a conscience state of mind. How can women adjust their mentality during menopause?

1. Change the perspective of menopause

Menopausal women will become sensitive, suspicious, irritable, and depressed due to the decrease in estrogen secretion. The psychological ups and downs are large, and it is prone to extreme psychology of excessive excitement or excessive sadness. In response to this mentality, don't look at problems with the previous attitude, and adjust your emotions and moods by changing the angle of looking at problems.

2. Reduce requirements and improve psychological endurance

Many menopausal women experience various anxiety, irritability, and depression due to various pressures. Because they didn't meet everyone's expectations for themselves, their psychological endurance has also become very poor. When this happens, you should appropriately lower your demands on yourself and improve your psychological endurance. It is necessary to correctly view the menopause phenomenon, objectively adjust life and work, and avoid unrealistic expectations and increase psychological pressure. Learn to accept praise and criticism in work and life, and adjust your mentality.

3. Menopause should be empathized

Most of the negative psychology of some women comes from the family. In order to avoid the negative psychology of menopause affecting family harmony, menopausal women should pay more attention to empathy and change the way of expression when interacting with their families. By communicating with family members, negative emotions can be vented, and the heart can be regulated and stabilized. For female menopause, more such thought exchanges should be carried out to avoid depression and inability to vent. Thereby reducing troubles, regulating mood, and maintaining a stable psychological state.

4. Menopause should properly vent negative emotions

When the negative emotions fluctuate greatly, menopausal women can adjust their anxious emotions through certain positive venting methods. At the same time, they should vent their negative emotions in a suitable environment and time to avoid emotions that cannot be vented for a long time. And aggravate negative psychology. You should learn to choose appropriate and effective ways to regulate negative emotions, including breathing regulation, goal shifting, psychological suggestion, etc. Taking deep breaths and cooperating with self-psychological suggestion to relax your body and mind are all good ways to adjust your mentality. Effectively improve mental state. For example, menopausal women can tell their true thoughts with friends, husbands or confidants, or choose to sing, exercise and other ways to vent their emotions and reduce psychological pressure.

After women enter menopause, negative emotions are not a terrible thing, they are all normal manifestations. We must learn to accept and face it, accept the existence of certain phenomena, and at the same time make certain adjustments, so that our mentality can be restored well, and our physical health will not be threatened due to bad emotions. Only by adjusting a good attitude can women quickly get out of the psychological shadow of menopause.