How menopausal women condition their bodies


When a woman is about 50 years old, due to the gradual decline of ovarian function, the estrogen in the body will be greatly reduced, and the endometrium will not be able to complete the periodic proliferation and shedding, so that women will have permanent symptoms of no menstruation. This phenomenon is called menopausal symptoms.

After menopause, the functions of various organs and systems in women's body will decline, causing women to experience a series of discomforts and even symptoms of rapid aging. Therefore, after entering the menopause, women must pay attention to the conditioning of all aspects of life, otherwise the aging speed will be very fast.

So what symptoms suggest the onset of menopause? Women entering menopause, how to scientifically regulate the body?

1. What are the symptoms of premenopausal women?

1. Symptoms of vasoconstriction

For a long time before menopause, women will experience a series of vasoconstriction symptoms, mainly manifested as bouts of redness and heat on the skin of the woman's face, neck and chest.

This phenomenon will suddenly appear and disappear suddenly. When this symptom occurs, it will also be accompanied by body sweating, irritability, and palpitation.

If the symptoms are relatively mild, it will occur 1 to 2 times a day, and in severe cases, it will occur more than 10 times a day. Especially when the patient is sleeping, and when the mood is more irritable, this phenomenon can appear suddenly and very seriously.

2. Abnormal symptoms of menstrual period

For a long time before menopause, the patient's ovarian function has entered a state of decline.

At this time, the ovaries cannot secrete more estrogen, so that the endometrium cannot complete the normal proliferation and shedding process, then a series of abnormalities will occur in the women's physiological period.

The most obvious symptom is a sudden decrease in menstrual flow or a shortened menstrual period. In addition, some women experience a sudden increase in menstrual flow, and each menstrual period lasts for more than ten days. When this phenomenon occurs, women will soon usher in the menopause.

3. Emotion and sleep problems

Mood and sleep problems are a particularly pronounced symptom in postmenopausal women. Women's personalities will change suddenly, for example, they will suddenly become dull or irritable, and they will become irritable and irritable because of small events.

In addition, some women will become more anxious and suspicious, and will have a very serious sense of distrust for many people and things, and their self-confidence will also decrease.

When these emotional and personality changes occur, women's sleep will also undergo a series of changes, and it is easy to suffer from insomnia, as well as easy awakening and dreaming. Many women wake up suddenly in the middle of the night and can't fall asleep all night.

4. Changes in secondary sexual characteristics

Estrogen in women can not only promote the appearance of menstruation, but also maintain women's secondary sexual characteristics. Before entering the menopause, due to the lack of estrogen, the secondary sexual characteristics of women will change.

Women's breasts will become sagging and shrinking, and vaginal discharge will be greatly reduced. Due to the appearance of this phenomenon, women's libido decreases rapidly, and even pain during sex occurs.

In addition, because women's vagina will also shrink, it will increase the probability of vaginitis and other inflammations. In addition, many women also experience virilization symptoms such as beard growth and thick and thick voices.

2. Women entering menopause, how to regulate the body scientifically?

After women enter menopause, if they have a series of uncomfortable symptoms, they should quickly go to a regular hospital for treatment and receive treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

In addition, we must pay attention to the conditioning of all aspects of life to avoid excessive sleeplessness caused by staying up late, indiscriminate use of health products, long-term sedentary inactivity, etc.

Menopausal women must do a good job of personal hygiene, pay more attention to dietary conditioning, eat more vegetables, fruits or beans, whole grains, dairy products and other foods, and pay attention to the adjustment of mentality, which can delay aging. effect.