Causes of mental health problems in college students


A survey shows that about 50% of college students today are in an unhealthy or sub-healthy state. If the psychological problems of college students are not adjusted and solved in time, the spirit of college students will show problems such as autism, depression, anxiety, paranoia, obsession, and schizophrenia. The main reasons are mostly the following:

Reason 1: Role conversion and adaptation barriers

College students who have just entered the school every year often have various psychological problems. This is because college students have a process of role transformation and adaptation. In psychology, this period is called "the psychological imbalance period of college freshmen". The reasons that lead to the psychological imbalance of freshmen are firstly that the university in reality is not unified with the university in their minds, resulting in a gap; secondly, the freshmen are not adapted to the new environment, new interpersonal relationship, and new teaching mode, resulting in confusion and psychological distress. dissonance; in addition, the freshman's feeling as an ordinary member of the college is very different from the previous one in the middle school as the outstanding one, which is also one of the reasons for the psychological problems.

Reason 2: Unfavorable family and external environment

At present, college students are mostly only children, and they are more selfish and do whatever they want. The adverse effects of family and external environment will also become a major cause of college students' psychological problems. Due to the lack of collective environment since childhood, there is a lack of collective sense and spirit of cooperation; the over-arrangement of parents makes the only child lack the minimum independent life and the ability to live in the world after going to college. Mainly manifested as not being able to live independently, not knowing how to communicate with people, and not knowing how to communicate.

Reason 3: The pressure of study and life

A considerable number of college students study majors that they do not like, and have been in conflict and pain for a long time; coupled with the heavy burden of courses and problems with learning methods, long-term excessive mental stress will also bring pressure; Certificate exams and postgraduate exams bring the pressure of taking exams, etc. Being in a state of high mental stress for a long time is very likely to cause college students to have compulsion, anxiety and even schizophrenia. The main reason is that students are not good at living independently and dealing with others, as well as the psychological pressure caused by living in poverty.

Reason 4: Too much reliance on the network

Many college students like to seek psychological satisfaction in the virtual world of the Internet. In addition, the Internet is already rich and colorful. Therefore, many students are increasingly dependent on the Internet, and some are even addicted to the Internet, spending a lot of time every day. On the Internet, they are addicted to the virtual world, self-isolated, separated from real life, and reluctant to communicate face-to-face with people.

Reason five: emotional confusion

Whether college students can correctly recognize and deal with emotional problems will directly affect the mental health of college students. The main influencing factors are as follows: The first is the sexual confusion of college students, which produces psychological contradictions in the conflict between sexual consciousness and self-moral norms. The second is the emotional crisis caused by the love of college students, and some people go to extremes and even cause tragedy.

Reason 6: Employment pressure

In recent years, due to the fierce social competition and the sluggish job market, it has become more and more difficult for college students to find jobs. This has caused a great psychological burden on the graduating college students, such as anxiety, low self-esteem and loss of security, etc., and many psychological problems have also appeared.