How to improve stress resistance?


As long as people are alive, there will be pressure, pressure is everywhere, pressure is everywhere, but we cannot be overwhelmed by pressure. As long as we can handle our own stress well, it is a great stress resistance ability. So how can you improve your stress resistance? There are mainly the following points.

1. Deliberate training to increase the upper limit of psychological endurance

In daily work and life, you must learn to create some appropriate troubles and setbacks for yourself, let yourself suffer a little, and feel some pressure appropriately. Like our muscles, our ability to resist stress requires regular exercise to improve our ability to resist stress. For example, you can deliberately create scenes that make you feel nervous and afraid, slowly challenge things beyond your psychological capacity, gradually increase the difficulty of stress resistance, from low-level to high-level, let yourself gradually get used to the pressure, so as to get rid of the sensitive "glass" Heart". Constantly challenge your own psychological bottom line, adapt to pressure, train to increase the upper limit of psychological endurance, and improve your ability to withstand pressure.

2. Lower expectations and improve quick resilience

Many times, stress has a lot to do with our own expectations. If your expectations for something are too high. Then, after you have done things and reflected, you will feel that you have not met your expectations, you will have a great sense of gap in your heart, and the pressure will increase. That is to say, the greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment. Don't put too much emphasis on certain results. It's okay to make small mistakes occasionally, and it's okay to be ugly. Accept your shortcomings and imperfections. If you want too much and you are too concerned about gains and losses, you will easily worry about gains and losses. Too often, our stress comes from excessive self-defense. Therefore, lowering the expected value can also adjust the pressure and improve the pressure resistance.

3. Change the way of thinking and affirm yourself

There is often pressure, and the way to improve understanding of pressure resistance can be to do more positive self-suggestion and maintain self-confidence. Mindful associations, not excessive self-blame, discovering your own value, positive thinking, and self-affirmation. For example: formulate a certain work, study plan, and then establish the confidence to do things successfully, and firmly believe that you can do it. You can make your plan concrete every day, tick a tick after the task after completion, and then give yourself a reward for completing the task. During the period when the task is gradually completed, you will gradually discover your own advantages, and the pressure will be reduced accordingly. At the same time, you will have more fighting spirit to meet challenges, so as to be able to manage your emotions and improve your ability to resist pressure.

4. Reduce self-blame and focus on progress

Like yourself every day, reduce self-blame, and focus on your own growth and progress. At work or study, don't blindly stare at your own pressure and imperfections when you are reflecting after you have done things. Mistakes and failures are not all bad things. If you can learn from them, it means that you are improving and growing. Reduce stress, improve self-efficacy, start with simple things, build self-confidence, move from easy to difficult, form positive feedback, and you will find that your ability to withstand stress can be improved.

5. Find a way to vent

Many times when there is pressure, the best way is not to hold it in your heart, but to vent the pressure. But the release of pressure is not arbitrary. For example, if you are under a lot of pressure, you go and "beat" someone else. The best way to vent your stress is not to base your happiness on others. When you are stressed, you can write, run a few laps, drop a pillow, etc., and venting methods that will not hurt others are all ways to improve your stress resistance.