5 Reasons You Get Emotional


Humans are emotional packs. When good things happen, we are happy; when bad things happen, we get angry and cry. Different emotions and our ability to feel them make us human. However, everyone's level of sensitivity and the way they express their emotions is different. When you express your emotions too strongly, you may find yourself having problems. This is why some people are considered more emotional than others. But what's causing you to be emotional all the time? Why do you get angry and anxious when you cry over a little thing? Why are your emotional reactions stronger than others? Here are some of the reasons.


Reason 1: Genetics

It's normal to have emotions, but if someone tells you that you're too emotional, it could be a result of genetics. Several studies have shown that genetic variants can make your brain more sensitive to emotions. like 5 Serotonin transporters (sensitivity genes), dopamine genes, and emotionally active genes all trigger hyperactive activity in certain parts of the brain that increase your emotional responses and sensitivity to the environment. Also, if your family suffers from depression or anxiety, it's also a reason why you may become emotional.

Reason two: lack of sleep

We all know that not getting enough sleep can put you in a bad mood. For example, if you work late into the night and finally climb into bed exhausted, but three hours later the alarm goes off and you need to get back to work. This is when you wake up with anger or frustration that can easily be triggered by little things, leaving you irritable and anxious throughout the day. Not getting enough sleep for days or weeks in a row can also affect your concentration levels, increase your risk of anxiety and depression, and weaken your balance. You may find yourself bumping into people or objects on the road from time to time as your balance wanes, which will undoubtedly make you more emotionally irritable. Getting a good rest can give you more control over your emotions. When you're well rested, you'll naturally feel satisfied when you wake up; therefore, your tolerance for negativity will be higher. Without enough rest, your endurance will decrease.


Reason 3: Isolate yourself

People who constantly isolate themselves can make you mentally anxious, demoralize you, and make you more cautious and overly emotional. Constantly keeping yourself isolated will only give you more time to think about your troubles. You may spend hours thinking about problems in your life and feel depressed or anxious because of it, which is also the reason for your emotionality.

Reason 4: Bad eating habits

It could also be your diet that's causing your moodiness. The foods you eat or ignore can also directly affect your mood. For example, you may enjoy food such as ice cream and chocolate, but the feeling of happiness will not last. Because the joy and excitement of eating junk food is often due to the sugar urge, which is only temporary. Afterwards, you may feel guilty or anxious

If something goes wrong, your anxiety can easily be fueled into stronger emotions.


Reason five: under pressure

Stress is a major reason people become emotional. It can cause damage to a person's physical and mental state. When you're already feeling drained and anxious, a little discomfort here and there can exacerbate your mood. Mental and physical stress occurs from time to time, and feelings of anxiety are often temporary, but chronic anxiety can have a permanent effect on a person's mood.