Lip care method


When we wear makeup, the most indispensable thing is to wear lipstick. However, when many women wear lipstick, the skin on the mouth causes uneven coloring of the lipstick. So today, let's talk about the reasons why our lips are dry and how to have moisturizing lips.

Reasons for dry lips

There are many causes of dry lips, find out what exactly is causing your dry lips. The first reason is that the air is dry, the moisture in the air will become less and less, the lips will lose the protection of the sebum film, and there is no way to lock the water, so the problem of dry lips will occur. The second reason is the habit of breathing through the mouth. If this continues for a long time, it will not only cause the deformation of the face, but also cause the saliva in the mouth to dry very quickly due to the direct contact between the air and the mouth, resulting in a very dry mouth, which in turn leads to our lips. relatively dry problem. The third reason is a decrease in the blood circulation rate of the mucous membranes of the skin on the mouth. The fourth reason is that we do not like to eat vegetables, which leads to dry lips and lack of vitamin b2 in the body. The fifth reason is that when we have dead skin on our lips, we habitually tear off the dead skin with our hands, which will cause our lips to become more and more dry. The sixth reason is the use of improper or bad lip balm, which may only cause dry lips, and in severe cases, may cause inflammation on the lips. The last reason is the habit of licking the lips with the tongue. The saliva will damage the skin and mucous membranes, and the lips will become dry for a long time.

Lips Care Method

There are many ways to take care of the lips, and they will work faster than other facial problems. The first method is to apply honey properly. Honey has natural moisturizing ingredients and can moisturize our lips well. The second method is to adjust our diet and eat more foods containing vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B, which are all good for our lips. The third method is to use lip balm with strong moisturizing properties. During the day, when you feel that your mouth is dry or the lipstick you have applied has fallen off, you can apply it at any time. You can apply a thick layer before going to bed at night, and use a cotton pad lightly the next day. Gently wipe off any lip balm that remains on your mouth. The fourth method is to clean up the lips carefully after applying makeup, so as to avoid the residue of cosmetics and cause lip inflammation. The fifth method is to use a lip balm with a matte texture, which can be applied before going to bed or before makeup, and then wiped off with a cotton pad, which can quickly and effectively remove the dead skin on the mouth. If the lips are very dry in a short period of time, you can use the hot steam evaporated from hot water to steam it.

Ingredients suitable for lip care

We can choose lip balms that contain beeswax, aloe vera, tea tree oil and other ingredients. These ingredients are strong in their own hydration, so the effect of moisturizing the lips is also very strong. Or apply coconut or almond oil to moisturize and brighten our lips.

The above is the basic reason why we have dry lips and the basic method of moisturizing the lips. If you currently have the problem of very dry lips, you must try the above methods, and you will see it after a while. If you don't have the problem of dry lips, you can also use it. Protecting our lips is what we all have to do.