How to Remove Age Spots


No matter how old women are, they are constantly moving forward in the pursuit of beauty. As we age, our skin condition will not be as good as when we were young, and some people will have age spots. So today I will tell you in detail, the causes of age spots and how to get rid of age spots.

The cause of the formation of age spots

There are many reasons for the formation of age spots, the following are the basic reasons for the formation of age spots. The first reason is that with the increase of age, pigment will produce pigment accumulation on the surface of the skin. This is the metabolic process of the human body, which produces a kind of lipofuscin pigment called "free radical". The accumulation of pigment is the cause of skin spots. s reason. The second reason is that the increase of age will reduce the function of the human body, coupled with the irregular life rules, it will cause the weakening of cell metabolism and pigment spots produced by oxidation in the body. The third reason is the disorder of the endocrine system caused by the irregular life, the secretion of pigment in the body is disordered, and the melanin cannot be excreted from the human body in time, causing a large amount of pigment to accumulate on the surface of the skin, which is what we call age spots. The fourth reason is that people who work on computers for a long time and often receive excessive radiation are more prone to age spots. That is to say, young people will also develop spots if they are not careful.

A method of removing age spots

There are many ways to remove age spots, but they all take a long time to see results. We have to find a suitable method according to the reasons for our own growth of spots. The first method is to have a good work and rest. It seems to be a simple four word. When you work and rest regularly, you will find that not only the phenomenon of age spots has improved, but the skin condition has also improved. The second method is to strengthen nutrition and supplement more foods containing vitamin A, vitamin E, ammonium methosulfate, and cysteine. The third method is to take sun protection measures to prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging the skin. Ultraviolet rays can promote the aging of our skin, resulting in pigmentation spots. Wearing sunscreen is not only to prevent darkening, but also to prevent aging. The fourth method is oral vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties. The fifth method is to use grinding techniques and cryo-freezing to remove. The sixth method is to perform facial massage, such as the forehead, eyes, and face. Regular massage can promote blood circulation. The seventh method is to choose functional skin care products that lighten pigmentation spots.

Diet suitable for removing age spots

There are many skin care products to remove age spots. In addition to the vitamin E mentioned above, there is also ginger. Ginger contains a variety of active ingredients that have strong anti-lipofuscin effects. Vitamin C contained in cucumber has a whitening effect and can eliminate freckles on the face Regular consumption can eliminate freckles and brighten the skin. Cabbage is rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, and it is a beauty and beauty vegetable for the prevention and treatment of chloasma and age spots. Eating cabbage regularly can prevent skin pigmentation, reduce freckles in young people, and delay the appearance of age spots. The citric acid contained in lemon can prevent or even eliminate pigmentation, and regular consumption can prevent freckles, dark spots, and make the skin white and tender. Lettuce is rich in vitamin E, which can prevent skin pigmentation, thereby delaying the appearance of age spots. Tremella is rich in natural plant colloids, and with its yin-nourishing effect, regular consumption has the effect of removing chloasma and freckles.

The above are the basic reasons for the formation of age spots and how to get rid of age spots. It can be seen from the above that not only the elderly will grow, but young people will also have the problem of age spots if they do not pay attention to rest or sun protection. So if you are also suffering from this, try the above method. If not, take precautions.