How to remove dark circles


Every woman is in pursuit of perfect skin, but many people are troubled by dark circles under the eyes. So today, let’s talk about the causes of dark circles and how to remove them.

The reason for the formation of dark circles

There are many reasons for the formation of dark circles, some of the most common are described below. The first reason is due to fatigue, staying up late, anxiety, tension, lack of sleep, etc. The second reason is caused by diseases of the endocrine system, such as adrenal insufficiency syndrome, which can cause skin pigmentation all over the body, especially the pigmentation of the eyelids, which will form dark circles. The third reason is chronic toxic disease, which may also be combined with symptoms such as purplish lips and discoloration of the nail bed. The fourth reason is that chronic inflammatory irritation in the eyelid, such as blepharitis, or long-term eye medication, such as long-term use of prostaglandin derivative anti-glaucoma drugs, are all causes of dark circles. The fifth reason is that the mood swings are too high recently, and a bad mood is also reflected in our appearance. The sixth reason is caused by the aging of the skin with age.

The method of removing dark circles

There are many ways to remove dark circles and they are very simple, but you need to stick to it for a long time to see the effect. The first method is to adjust our daily routine, give our body a good recovery environment, reduce the situation of staying up late, and try our best to go to bed and get up early. The second method is to adjust the diet structure, and you can usually eat more foods that can whiten the skin, such as potatoes. Potatoes contain a lot of B vitamins, as well as protein, fat and a variety of trace elements, which can play a role in promoting the body's detoxification, so as to restore the skin to a tender and white state. The third method is to use a mask that can inhibit the growth of melanin to help remove dark circles, such as masks containing ingredients such as milk, aloe vera, lemon, honey, etc. The fourth method is to smear the dark circles with barley water. Barley is rich in silty, iron and protein and other elements, which has the effect of dispersing blood and removing blood stasis. Before going to bed, apply the barley water with a cotton pad. On the skin around the eyes, it can relieve dark circles caused by fatigue. The fifth method is hot compress. Hot compress can not only relieve the condition of dark circles, but also relax our body and mind. The sixth method is to choose a functional eye cream product that can remove dark circles. When applying it, pay attention to the dosage. Do not apply too much, which will lead to an increase in the secretion of oil under the eyes and the phenomenon of oil particles on the eyelids. The seventh method, you can massage the eyes, which can promote blood circulation and relax your mood. The eighth method is to take out the tea leaves of the overnight tea water and put them on the two dark circles respectively, and apply them for about fifteen minutes.

Skin care products suitable for removing dark circles

Choose products that contain vitamin A and vitamin E, which are nourishing for the skin around the eyes. or contains

Products rich in minerals and provitamin B5. Choose products that are light and non-greasy.

The above are the basic reasons for the formation of dark circles and the method of removing dark circles. No matter what skin problem is, it cannot be completely removed in a short time, so if you also have the problem of dark circles, you must continue to care for it for a long time.