How to get rid of pimples


Every period has skin troubles in every period. A major feature of puberty is the growth of acne. Many teenagers will suddenly start to have acne on their face during this period. Today, I will tell in detail the reasons for the formation of acne and the removal of youth. method of acne.

The reason for the formation of acne

There are many reasons for pimples, the following will describe the main reasons for the formation of pimples. The first reason is that there are many colonies on the surface of our skin. Corynebacterium acnes particularly likes the anaerobic environment in the hair follicles, and their presence makes the fat on the skin surface decompose. Therefore, it causes irritation to the human body, and some toxic substances also induce inflammation, which is one of the main reasons for the formation of acne. The second reason is that our male hormone secretion increases or relatively increases during adolescence, which stimulates sebaceous gland hypertrophy and hyperplasia, and increases the amount of oil secreted. , resulting in the formation of pimples. The third reason is that you are tired from study, lack of rest, and excessive study pressure. The fourth reason is puberty. We still don’t know how to take care of skin, so improper skin care and skin disease treatment and personal factors such as not paying attention to skin physiology and hygiene are also one of the reasons for the growth of acne. The fifth reason is environmental factors, including air, soil, water, food, noise, rays and other pollution, which often make the skin in a state of tense defense, slow down skin metabolism, reduce skin resistance, and easily induce acne. . The sixth reason is one of the more common causes of acne, that is, improper eating habits. Frequent consumption of spicy and greasy food will also cause acne to grow.

Method for removing acne

It's not impossible to get rid of acne completely, and here are a few ways to get rid of acne that are suitable for all situations. The first method is to properly clean our face, and choose a mild and less irritating facial cleanser to clean our face. Since our skin is relatively sensitive during adolescence, we should pay attention to gently rubbing our facial skin when cleaning, do not Rubbing vigorously, rubbing the face vigorously can damage our skin's protective layer and cause the skin to become increasingly sensitive. The second method is to pay attention to a healthy diet. All foods that can increase sebum should be eaten less, such as: fried foods, fatty meat, butter, sweets, etc., drink more water, eat more vegetables and fruits. The third method is to stay in a good mood, learn to self-regulate, and live happily. The fourth method is to avoid using oily and powder-based cosmetics or skin care products to avoid further clogging of pores, which will not only fail to remove pimples but also exacerbate the situation. The fifth method is to develop good work and rest habits, stay up late, and stay up late will also cause great damage to our skin. The sixth method, if your acne area is relatively large and the situation is more serious, remember not to apply acne products at will, and be sure to go to the hospital for professional treatment to avoid more serious facial damage due to improper operation. The above are the basic methods to get rid of acne, there is always a method that is suitable for you.

Skin care products suitable for acne removal

For acne, you can choose a sulfur-containing soap to wash your face to reduce excess oil on the skin. Or choose cleaning products that contain kaolin, activated carbon and other ingredients. Choose skincare products with ingredients like antibacterials, or those with gentle exfoliants like salicylic acid, mandelic acid, and azelaic acid.

The above are the basic reasons for the formation of acne and the methods to remove acne, I hope it can help you.