What factors does fitness depend on?


Whether it's losing weight or building muscle, an important aspect of a fitness program is determining the length of each workout. The effect of fitness depends not only on the intensity of your exercise each time, but also how to adjust the exercise duration reasonably according to your own situation is also what you need to learn. In order to better match your actual situation, you can maximize the effect of fitness.

What factors depend on the effect of fitness

1. Bottom Line

Generally speaking, the time of each exercise should not be less than 30 minutes. In fact, this minimum time limit applies in the vast majority of cases. For the human body, only a certain intensity of exercise for more than 30 minutes can mobilize the body to really participate in the exercise you are doing. Such a minimum time limit also allows your body time to adapt to high-intensity exercise. Time, if you just want to complete the task as soon as possible, rushing too hard after the warm-up exercise will bring too much burden to the body.


2. Interval

Exercising is very challenging both mentally and physically. With this in mind, every item in your fitness program seems to be consuming your last ounce of energy, and in addition to appropriately short intervals between items, you need to 40 Relax every minute or so. On the one hand, 40 minutes is usually the time when your attention starts to become distracted, and for the next training effect, you need to relax the tense nerves. On the other hand, the body consumes a lot of water and energy during exercise, and proper supplementation can make you better after exercise.

3. Continue

It is impossible to complete all items of each exercise in about 40 minutes, and it is necessary to extend the time of each stage appropriately. However, if you want to ensure the effect of fitness, 60 minutes and 70 minutes are two time points that need to be paid attention to. After 60 minutes of continuous exercise at a certain intensity, it will be difficult to maintain the same focus as before, and 70 minutes is to build muscle. Extreme, sustained, high-intensity exercise can strain muscles and Continuing to exercise after 70 minutes may result in more negative muscle stimulation.


4. Frequency

If you want to evaluate your fitness results and make appropriate adjustments to your fitness program based on that, 7 days is an appropriate cycle. Whether it's weight loss or fitness, maintaining high-intensity workouts every day isn't a must for most people, and creating your own weekly workout routine can make it more flexible, such as every two or three days of the week. Schedule a higher-intensity training session to ensure you get enough exercise while keeping your body well-rested.