How do burpees lose fat?


Burpees are known as the most fat-burning exercises because they burn the most calories in the same training session.

How to lose fat in burpees?

The reason why burpees are so effective for fat loss is that it combines a series of movements such as depths, push-ups, jumps, etc., to pull a person's heart rate to its maximum value in a short period of time.

Three elements of fat loss: low calorie + high consumption + strength training.

You must be familiar with the term fat burning heart rate. Exercise heart rate refers to the number of heartbeats per minute during exercise; fat burning heart rate refers to the heart rate at this frequency, mobilizing more fat to generate energy.

The main energy source of the body is "fat and carbohydrate", of which glycogen is the main consumption, followed by fat. Studies have shown that when the heart rate reaches a certain range, if you continue to exercise for more than 20 minutes, after the body consumes more glycogen, the proportion of fat energy supply will increase, and the effect of fat burning exercise can be achieved.

Fat burning heart rate calculation formula: (220-age) × 60% or × 80%, this interval is your fat burning heart rate;

An easy way to check your heart rate: After 5 seconds of exercising, measure your pulse for 10 seconds, then multiply the number by 6.

Likewise, whether you're trying to jump, run, or otherwise exercise, your heart rate is an important indicator for your fat-burning goals.

In addition, burpees combined with squats, push-ups, squat take-offs, bent legs and abdomen, etc., can exercise more than 70% of the muscle groups in the body. Sex, agility and explosiveness are all good.

Studies have shown that regular burpees can greatly relieve arthritis in the shoulders and knees. And push-ups can effectively stimulate the waist and abdomen, and also have a certain effect on improving low back pain.

It turns out to be such an excellent move, so make the most of it and don't let the burpee ruin your efforts, let's take a look at the standard burpee moves.

Burpee jumping action Standard

In short, the burpee consists of five movements: the standard squat, the standard plank, the push-up, the squat, and the squat jump.

There are three main points to note about burpees:

1. The posture is light and the landing is silent

Jumping requires tightening the hips as much as possible and landing softly. If you put your body power on the legs, it will put a lot of stress on the joints, causing knee and ankle pain.

2. Knees and toes point in the same direction

The knees are flexed inward, and the hips are hard to exert. Try to keep your knees and toes in a straight line, or try to keep your knees slightly out, which will help increase your power.

3. Keep your back straight

When many people jump for support, they tend to bow their backs and bend their waists, their cores are not tightened, they cannot exercise their abdominal muscles, and this puts pressure on the lower back.

At the same time, beginners can do 5 sets of 1, rest for 1 minute, and do 4 sets in total; or 1 set of 10, rest for 30s, and do 2 sets of training methods.