Why are basic movements important in strength training?


For friends who aim to lose weight, quite a lot of friends start with aerobic exercise and gradually turn to strength training, because they want to get a relatively ideal body in the process of losing weight, and to do this, strength training has Absolute advantage. Of course, this is not to deny the benefits of aerobic exercise, but to illustrate a phenomenon. When we mention strength training, we mention the benefits of strength training. Among these benefits, there are always a few points that always get people's attention and start trying strength training.


What are the benefits of strength training

1. Strength training can make up for the lack of local body, so as to create an ideal body proportion.

2. Strength training can create conditions for muscle growth, thereby increasing muscle mass, thereby increasing basal metabolism. An increase in basal metabolism can not only improve the efficiency of fat loss, but also better maintain it after losing weight.

3. Strength training can reduce the probability of obesity and loose skin in middle age, allowing us to maintain a firm and stylish figure even after middle age, thereby slowing down the rate of aging and making us look younger.

4. Strength training can put pressure on the bones and stimulate bone growth, thereby reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

5. Strength training can allow us to maintain muscle strength, exercise the stability and balance of the body, thereby reducing the probability of falling and allowing us to have a high-quality old age.


From the above points, we can roughly understand the benefits of strength training, and it is these benefits that more friends want to try or are trying and insist on strength training, then, the problem is, if you have not done strength training and want to What do you do when you do it? At this point, if you consciously search for relevant training movements, you will see a lot of training movements. With so many training moves, which ones should you choose and how do you start?

In fact, no matter from the perspective of body shape or training, as long as we do a few basic movements, we can meet our training needs, instead of trying to watch any movements, we must know that the foundation is always the most important.


What are the basic movements in the process of fitness?

Simply put, basic movements are movement patterns that are inseparable from daily activities, such as squats, pushes, pulls, hip hinges, rotations, and more. These basic action patterns allow us to achieve normal behavior, and these basic actions are the basis for us to complete various complex actions. Through the continuous practice of basic movements, our ability can continue to improve, and some necessary functions can also avoid degradation.

The same goes for strength training. Only by practicing these basic movements well can you improve your overall ability, and then have the ability and foundation to try other difficult movements. Of course, with some basic actions in life, its purpose changes.

For example, squatting is one of the most basic movement patterns in our daily life, but in daily life, when we squat, it is often accompanied by certain purposes, such as picking up things, tying shoelaces, etc. At this time, our focus is not on the action, but on what you have to do. At this time, you will not think about how to do the squatting action well, as long as you can squat down and achieve the purpose you want to do. However, when you use the squat as a fitness movement, the focus will shift to the movement itself, such as how to regulate the movement, how to better exercise the target muscles, of course, whether in daily or in the process of fitness, we should follow the movement essentials , so as not to cause unnecessary damage.


Unfortunately, however, when we find ourselves causing unnecessary injuries due to incorrect movement patterns, these injuries often occur in our daily lives, not in training, because we do not focus on the movement itself in our daily life , but to achieve a certain purpose, in the process, even if you feel uncomfortable, you will not care too much, because this discomfort is a short-term or momentary process, but what if it is a long time?

Many times, when we start strength training, we will correct our daily activities through some basic movements, so as to develop better exercise habits and avoid some unnecessary injuries, such as: for example, when you have been after squat What should I do if I wash my face for a while? Do you consciously straighten your back, tighten your abs, then sit back with your hips and lean forward to find the right height? How did you do it before, did you unintentionally arch your back to find the right height? If you compare the two, you can imagine which is better and which is worse.