How to wear a girl with thick legs and a big butt?


I have a lot of friends around me, all of them are in good shape, but because the legs are too thick and the buttocks are too big, this is a typical pear-shaped body. The pear-shaped body is slender in the upper body and fat in the lower body, so pay attention to dressing. Some tricks, otherwise it will be magnified.

Many hot sisters are afraid to wear skirts because they are afraid that wearing skirts will reveal their thighs, but this is not a big problem. In summer, you can try to cover the fat and make people see perfect figure skirt. How to choose thick legs and big hips? First of all, pay attention to the items that girls with thick legs and big butts should avoid.

Items that girls with thick legs and big butts should avoid: Shift dress

Don't wear baggy shift dresses that will make you look asymmetrical

Straight skirts are generally loose and do not play a very good role in modifying. If you have thick thighs and large buttocks, you can use a loose skirt to cover it, but the design of this skirt is not suitable for you, because you The lower body will appear very uncoordinated and it is easy to make people fat.

Women with thick thighs and big buttocks should show their waist and buttocks, and a straight skirt will cover both the waist and buttocks. If they don’t seem to have curves, they will look fat.

Items that girls with thick legs and big butts should avoid 2: Gorgeous dress

Don't wear fancy dresses, it will make your lower body bloated

Because the lower body is relatively fat, we should avoid too much fancy. If the lower body has too many designs and elements, it will only make your lower body look more bloated and will not make your figure better.

Rather than wearing a fancy skirt, everyone recommends wearing a solid-colored skirt, which will look more temperamental and more classy.

Item 3 that girls with thick legs and big butt should avoid: short skirt

Don't wear short skirts to avoid showing flaws. If you have thick thighs and big buttocks, wearing short skirts will easily make people feel that your legs are thick and your figure will look bad.

The correct way is to wear a long skirt, but it should be noted that the skirt of the lower body cannot cover the ankle, otherwise it will make people feel depressed.

A single item suitable for girls with thick legs and a big butt 1: A-line skirt

Generally speaking, people with thick legs will have the problem of wide hips, so we must pay attention when wearing skirts. Compared with tight skirts and straight skirts, A-line skirts are more suitable for you. The top is narrow and the bottom is wide. This kind of skirt It can modify the fat on your buttocks and legs very well, so that you will not look too fat.

Item 2 suitable for girls with thick legs and big butt: corset skirt

Generally speaking, women with a pear-shaped body will have a slender upper body. We have to make full use of our advantages and make up for our shortcomings, so choosing a skirt with a waist is the best choice, because the design of the waist can make our waistline smaller. It is tight and loose when you close your waist, which can cover your buttocks well and make you look very slender.

A single item suitable for girls with thick legs and a big butt 3: solid color dress

For girls with big thighs and buttocks, the most fearful thing is to match too much, so choosing a solid color dress, such as a black dress or a white dress, will give people a fresh and fashionable feeling. Wearing such a skirt can not only cover your legs, but also make your figure more elegant.