How do girls with big butts dress?


To be honest, big butt is a very troublesome thing for girls to choose clothes. The problem of sisters who work long hours is even worse! Because as you get older, your muscles get loose, and your butt becomes apparent.

With big hips, it's not easy to buy clothes, and it's shameful to wear tight clothes! Therefore, "big butt" girls must keep these three "big butt girls' dressing taboos" in mind when dressing, otherwise they will look bloated and tacky.

Dressing taboos for girls with big butts 1: Do not wear short skirts

Because this skirt is so short, there is very little room in the crotch, which can easily make your hips appear larger. Even if you find the right size, choosing this dress will look very bloated! While short skirts are sexy, you should never wear them if your hips are too big.

Dressing taboos for girls with big butts 2: Do not wear short tops

In summer, everyone hopes that their clothes can be less or less, but short tops are really unfriendly to a person with a big butt. Minutes can leave your ass with nowhere to hide and reveal your body flaws. Under normal circumstances, we will hide our big buttocks, so we can't choose short tops.

Dressing taboos for girls with big butts 3: Don't wear high-waisted pants

Although high-waisted pants are a magic weapon for self-cultivation, because the waistline is too high, it will make people look more slender and make people look wider. Therefore, these low-waisted pants are the best choice. At the same time, her hips have also become wider, making her buttocks look fuller.

Knowing the dressing taboos of women with big butts, the recommended items to wear below, girls with big butts must know!

Recommended single product for girls with big butts: Wide leg straight pants

Wide-leg straight-leg pants are very useful for modifying the line of the legs, especially for women with larger buttocks. Due to the shape, they will look very slim. This is a must-have item for girls with thin waists.

Recommended items for girls with big butts 2: A Font skirt

This kind of skirt has high requirements on the hips and thighs. A-type skirts not only have higher requirements on buttocks and buttocks, but also cover up the defects of thick waist, buttocks and thighs. A-type short skirts can promote strengths and avoid weaknesses. If you have a big ass, then The A-shaped skirt is the best choice. The length from the knee to the middle of the thigh can make your legs longer without being too flamboyant.

Recommended item 3 for girls with big butts: Umbrella skirt

An umbrella skirt is an umbrella-shaped skirt with many creases around the waist. Of course, if the waist is thin, it is best not to wear elastics, because the elastics will extend down with the sagging of the crotch, which will highlight the width and shape of the crotch. Long flared skirts can also cover your legs; if you have a wider waistband and slender legs, wear a short flared dress to complement your legs.

Recommended items for girls with big butts 4: Flared pants

Flared trousers and wide-leg trousers actually have the same purpose, but the style of the trousers is different, so many women will choose this kind of flared trousers. Because the trousers of the bell-bottoms are close to the body, but the trousers are looser, for women with "big butt", this kind of bell-bottoms can not only make her look more feminine, but also make her legs become slender .