What are the dressing tips for girls with big butts?


In a blink of an eye, it has entered the midsummer, and many girls have taken out their favorite clothes. In this season, girls with good figures can show off their figures to the fullest, but not all girls are like this. The figure, which makes those girls who are not in good health have a headache. Don't worry, what the editor wants to introduce to you today is that girls with big hips, remember these three tips in summer, they are fashionable and thin!

I believe that many girls are like Xiaobian. They have big buttocks, which prevents us from choosing beautiful clothes. Other girls can be as slender and cute as pixies, but we have to wear long skirts to cover our buttocks. If you are also buttocks If it is big, then quickly follow the editor to see the following three tips for girls with big butts! https://cdn.coolban.com/ehow/Editor/2022-08-23/6304c1d9a75c7.jpg

Tips for girls with big butts 1: Short tops +Wide-leg pants

In order to dress slimmer, girls with big buttocks have to find a way to cover their wide buttocks, and many girls like to wear long ones. In fact, this does not achieve the expected effect. What the editor wants to tell you today is to wear a short coat that matches with wide-leg pants! As we all know, wide-leg pants have a great effect on covering the flesh and showing thinness. Therefore, for girls with bigger buttocks, it is a wise choice to wear wide-leg pants in summer, and after determining the matching of pants, we have to consider what clothes to wear to make our body look better. More slender, and short coats can set off our figure more slender and make people look more slender!


Moreover, I also noticed that many girls with big buttocks are not very fat in the upper body, so they can wear this short coat very well, coupled with the design of wide-leg pants, which can perfectly cover our body. The hips, plus a pair of wide trousers, plus a short coat, the whole person's dressing style will become very perfect.

When choosing wide-leg pants and short-sleeved shirts, you can opt for a pair of wide, long-leg pants that will make your figure look slimmer.


Tips 2 for girls with big butts: Slim top + casual pants

If girls with big hips are troubled by the lack of pants, then you will not understand the appeal of overalls, because overalls are an improved version of work clothes that will give people a very comfortable wearing Feeling, especially the trouser legs are very straight, very suitable for girls!

In matching with overalls, we will choose a slim shirt, so as to make the whole person's vision more relaxed, loose jeans can perfectly cover our buttocks, plus a slim shirt , is even more pleasing to the eye!

Many girls with big buttocks can't show their figure just because they wear the wrong pants. If they can wear the correct pants in summer, it will be absolutely beautiful!

If the weather is a little warmer, we can choose a simple T-shirt, a pair of khaki shorts, and a girl with big hips, which will definitely look beautiful.


Tips 3 for girls with big butts: short top + short skirt

Girls with big hips, don't stalk your pants, after all, girls like to wear skirts. For girls with a fat lower body, this A-shaped skirt can perfectly bring out the figure!