How to wear high heels with clothes?


High heels are a necessity for girls, especially in summer, when girls wear high heels, it is more commonplace. Today, I will introduce some collocations for wearing high heels in summer!

High-heeled shoes are recommended to match one or a floral dress

This floral dress can be said to be the most popular dress for girls in summer. Its style is very simple, and it is also very suitable for today's girls.

Maybe many girls will choose to wear white shoes. In fact, high heels and floral skirts are also a good match. It will not be a pure and pure style like Xiaobai Shoes, more feminine, more feminine, more feminine.

Recommended pairing of high heels 2. A simple white T-shirt + jeans wide-leg pants

High heels, denim wide-leg pants, and a white t-shirt, this is a very ordinary set of women's clothing, which looks very refreshing.

In fact, wide-leg pants are very suitable for pairing with high heels, which can make people taller, and can fully show their temperament, which is also a good choice in the workplace.

Recommended combination of high heels 3. Tight top + flared pants

This dress is also great with heels, flared pants can be black with some chipped edges on the trousers for a more stylish look, plus a slim fit shirt for the overall effect.

This kind of collocation can make women look more feminine and feminine. It is a very classic professional suit.

Finally, don't forget to match the appropriate sling high heels according to the color of the clothing to create an overall visual effect.

Recommended pairing of high-heeled shoes 4. Wide-leg pants + strappy high-heeled shoes

Choose a pair of loose-cut wide-leg pants and a pair of lace-up heels to "contrast" the slender ankles. Of course, wide-leg pants can also easily cover up the fat on your legs and avoid weaknesses.

Recommended pairing with high heels 5. Straight pants + high heels with straps

If you want to wear straight-leg wide-leg pants, you can choose cropped pants, or you can use a pair that is slightly tighter and paired with a pair of lace-up high-heeled shoes. Longer, looks more slender.

This kind of collocation is suitable for people of all shapes. Anyone can wear it without any problem. Not only can they cover their legs, but they can also reveal a pair of high heels when walking.

Recommended pairing with high heels 6. Pleated skirt + black high heels

The pleated skirt was originally a symbol of elegance, and with the embellishment of polka dots, it added a bit of playfulness. A polka-dot pleated skirt with a pair of black high heels looks very feminine.

Gray pleated skirt, the fabric is made of autumn texture, it will not look bloated, it can cover the buttocks well, and make the dull autumn more lively.

Recommended collocation for high heels Seven, camel coat + black high heels

The camel coat will not make people feel yellow, black and camel are also very good, adding a calm contrast to the overall match, plus a maroon beret, plus a black bag , With a pair of black high heels, it looks very mature and calm.

Recommended pairing of high heels 8. White tulle shirt + white high heels

A white tulle shirt with a pair of white high heels. The white high-heeled shoes are matched with the top, and other chiffon fabrics can also be used, and the overall coordination is lighter.