How do girls with thick legs look thin?


For many girls, a slender figure is their greatest pursuit in life. But her legs are the most difficult to grow. There is almost no fat on her upper body, but her legs are still high and bulging. But as soon as you get to the street, you can see the slender legs of other girls, which is really enviable. In fact, their legs don't have to be very slender, but if you can make them slender, you can have the same legs!

Girls with thick legs look thin Skills - wide-leg pants:

Wide leg pants have been popular for a long time, the main reason is that they are comfortable and easy to wear. Wide-leg pants are loose-fitting styles that hide fat well, but are more attractive than wide-leg pants. The contrasting color patchwork fabric on both sides of the trousers adds a strong youthful atmosphere to the trousers, making it easy to wear an 18-year-old campus style, but it is more fashionable than ordinary school uniforms, full of youthful vitality, and full of youthful vitality.

Tips for girls with thick legs to show thinness - cigarette shorts:

Cigarette pants are also a pair of pants after wide-leg pants. It's like a cigarette, and the wide trousers cover the lines of the legs well. However, the design of these pants is very elastic, more stylish and more formal than wide-leg pants. Putting on a suit is the style of work, and with a shirt, it is an elegant and intellectual urban beauty.

Tips for thin girls with thick legs - flared pants:

These pants were originally designed for thin legs. But the unique horn shape gives people a retro feel. Flared pants are also versatile, and there is almost no style that it can't control, and can be worn casually. No matter what you wear, it will bring a retro feel to your style.

Tips for girls with thick legs to show thinness - shoes and pants of the same color:

In fact, you can wear tight trousers with thin calves, but you have to be a little careful about matching and choose shoes of the same color as your trousers. Black pants and black shoes are the best option. Black pants and black high heels can make up for the defects of the legs and make your legs look more slender.

Tips for girls with thick legs to show thinness - the length of the boots cannot exceed the calf:

If your legs are thick, then your boots will appear thick, without any aesthetics, but will make your legs thicker. In this way, your defects will be infinitely magnified, so Your boots should reach your ankles, or your knees. Some children may say that if it is a girl with thick thighs, the boots will get stuck on their calves, and in this case, they cannot wear boots. So, you should pay attention to your boots, but the boots should not exceed two centimeters, otherwise it will make your legs look short.

Tips for girls with thick legs to look thin - boots should not be too wide or too tight:

Long boots will make our calves thicker, because the boots are too big, they will make our calves thicker, if they are too tight, they will make our calves thicker, the best way is to fit , not too loose, not too tight. Rider boots are very suitable for women with thick thighs. They can better shape our legs and make our lower abdomen and legs look more slender.

Everyone has to choose boots according to their body type. Cavalier boots are a kind of cool boots and have a good thermal insulation effect, so they are welcomed by many people.