What are the characteristics of borderline personality?


Is there such a type of person around you who likes to block repeatedly, the emotions of the last second and the next second are very different, and they often switch between the two emotions frequently, worrying about gains and losses. If there are, they may be borderline personalities, people who usually behave for no apparent reason or reason. While borderline personality disorder is more likely to experience strong anger, loneliness, pain, emptiness and other emotions, the incentives often stem from the pressure of the surrounding environment, such as quarrels with family members and friends. So, what are the specific characteristics of such a borderline personality? Let's look down.


Feature 1: Fear of being abandoned

Everyone is afraid of being abandoned, to varying degrees. The average person's response is that it happens at a time of real danger, while the borderline personality is much more afraid of being abandoned than the average person, and in addition to reacting to real threats, Reacts to imagined threats as well. Once attacked, extreme fear is difficult to calm down. They will also consider the ordinary sense of distance as abandonment. This makes it eager to protect itself in the presence of loved ones and those who want to be close. This alienates their partner even more and makes them feel more abandoned.

Feature 2: Impulsive

Borderline personalities often react impulsive to trivial things, more emotional than rational. They will be unable to control their brains or regulate the intensity of their feelings. Anxiety and depression surge up, or when they are depressed, they are even more unbearable and unable to think about problems. When it is serious, teenagers will meet with netizens, go to bars, and use psychedelic drugs. These impulses are closely related to other traits.


Feature 3: Extreme anger

Anger of borderline personality is also characterized by extreme anger, they will be more angry and scarier than ordinary people. Their emotions are on a roller coaster, and a little change can cause anger to explode and it will be difficult to calm down. When angry they speak faster, begin to double down on accusations and demean others, become condescending, irrational, and paranoid. The voice will become high-pitched, saying threatening words that make people around you feel scared. In general, people with non-borderline personality disorder and people with borderline personality disorder sometimes seem to speak different languages. The extreme anger of people with borderline personality disorder seems to be a cry for help. Another explanation is that dependence leads to anger. People with borderline personality disorder feel that others have the power to define who they are. Even more difficult for borderline personalities is that others can give love and withdraw that love in a split second. So, just one small movement from someone can make them feel good or completely out of control.

Feature 4: Extremely unstable mood

The fourth characteristic is typical of borderline personality. They are emotionally strong about feeling things and bully too quickly. Emotional fluctuations are far more than the matter itself, and once an emotional outburst is triggered, it takes a long time to return to normal emotions.


If you find yourself or a friend around you have the above characteristics, you must pay attention. Simply relying on "love" cannot make them recover. If necessary, they still need to seek professional psychological treatment to restore their mental health as soon as possible.