Ways and suggestions for fitness exercise


Fitness is the best way to keep your body healthy, promote physical and mental balance, and reduce mental stress.

1. Conduct training seriously and moderately. Especially for people over 35 years old, do a physical examination before starting training. As part of the physical assessment, the health care doctor proposes a fitness plan, the plan includes: exercise mode, intensity, frequency, duration selection, exercise goals, etc.

2. Choose your favorite activity. Not everyone is suitable for running, and you need to determine a regular activity pattern according to your physical condition and activity preferences. This can not only achieve the purpose of the movement, but also avoid the monotony and halfway brought by a single movement.

3. Choose daytime fitness. Try to put Century Fitness at a certain time in the morning or evening, making sure that this time is completely at your own disposal. And you have to exercise five days a week, at least half an hour a day. But remember, you can't work out at noon.


4. Prepare the clothing and equipment you need for your workout. If you choose brisk walking or jogging, sneakers and sports clothes are sufficient; if you choose swimming, cycling or other sports, you must prepare appropriate equipment.

5. Companion fitness can provide team help. The great thing about team fitness is that when you're less active about your fitness, a team can boost your motivation to work out.

6. Set your own fitness goals. Do you want to lose weight? reduce cholesterol? Or want to lower your blood pressure? These are the goals of our fitness. This is what keeps us going.

7. Be careful of injury. The best way to treat an injury is to prevent it. Avoid injuries to feet and knees when exercising. If you are unfortunately injured, you should stop exercising and go to the hospital for medical treatment in time.

When conducting personal fitness training, mastering some basic guidelines in advance and understanding fitness common sense can make your fitness exercise fully prepared. I hope your fitness workouts have the desired effect.


Men of all ages choose a fitness method that suits them

1. Around 20 years old

Sports medicine refers to this age group as the "record breaking age group." Men in this age group are in top shape and can perform any intensity of exercise. Work out every other day on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, including: trying weights, jogging, swimming, cycling, and more.

2. Around 30 years old

Men in this age group are past the peak of their physical abilities. If physical fitness is neglected during this period, the body's lung capacity and flexibility will decline. Therefore, men around the age of 30 should do some stretching exercises appropriately. Exercise is still every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every other day, including: lying on your back, trying heavy objects, push-ups, etc. Men in this age group should follow the "step by step" principle of physical fitness.

3. After age 40

Compared with the age of 20, men after the age of 40 gradually lose their physical strength, their muscles shrink year by year, and their bodies begin to gain weight. The exercise program chosen by men in this age group is not only conducive to maintaining a good body shape, but also can prevent common geriatric diseases such as hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Monday and Friday can be reduced to twice a week of fitness, including: preferably use a variety of fitness equipment, tennis, long-distance skiing, swimming, jogging, golf, dancing, walking are optional.