Choice of aerobic and anaerobic exercise


There is no absolute boundary between aerobic and anaerobic exercise. When people exercise, they don't suddenly switch from one metabolic state to another. Most of the time, the two overlap, but at lower intensities, aerobic metabolism predominates, and at high intensities, anaerobic metabolism predominates. . Nevertheless, in order to obtain the best fitness effect and avoid sports injuries, people of different ages should pay attention to the choice of exercise methods.

Teenagers: Children in this age group are in the stage of physical development. It's hard to keep up with the amount of exercise just through gym class. It is recommended to do at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day, mainly a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

According to the law of physical development of adolescents, 6-14 years old is a sensitive period for the development of endurance quality. This period of exercise is mainly based on endurance exercise. Generally speaking, after children learn to walk independently, they can exercise endurance. According to research, the fastest runners in the world for children under the age of 14 can run a marathon in less than 3 hours. Therefore, the training of endurance quality is conducive to the growth and development of children, enabling them to reach a higher level of exercise. However, minors under the age of 14 should not do strength training too early, because the development of the human cardiovascular system cannot be completed until after the age of 14. If you train too much strength before the age of 14, it is easy to cause damage to the cardiovascular system and affect the future. unfavorable growth and development.

14-28 years old is a special age group because this is the growth and development period of the human body. The skeletal and muscular system of the entire body is in the process of gradual strengthening. At this time, if the body is given corresponding benign stimulation, the growth and development of the human body will be faster, and the strength will become stronger and stronger. Therefore, for young athletes at this stage, there is no need to limit exercise. You can choose any aerobic or anaerobic exercise within your ability, and try to cultivate your own hobbies, such as ball games, running, jumping, etc.

Middle-aged people: Adults are busy with work and do not have much time for exercise, but it is recommended to complete at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise per week. If physical conditions permit, you can add muscle training 1-2 times a week on this basis.

After the age of 28, the human skeletal system develops, such as the visceral system. This is the most vigorous stage of human development. At this stage, the choice of exercise can be very rich, should choose aerobic exercise. Different people can choose to run or swim according to their individual abilities. However, according to the needs of social interaction, you can also choose some ball games, such as basketball, football, etc., which are good for the body and mind.

Elderly people: With the increase of age, various physical functions will decline and exercise difficulty will increase, so anaerobic exercise is not recommended, but you should still exercise 3 to 5 times a week, mainly aerobic exercise Exercise; elderly people with limited mobility or chronic diseases can choose relatively mild exercise, such as brisk walking, tai chi, etc. In addition, pay attention to activities that can exercise balance and prevent falls, such as swimming, dancing, etc.

Middle-aged and elderly sports enthusiasts over the age of 50 should be cautious when choosing sports, and anaerobic exercise is basically not suitable for selection. Because at this time, the body's cardiopulmonary function and body muscle strength are in decline. The selection of the project must take into account the sustainable development in the future, so the selection of the project should be aerobic exercise such as jogging or swimming, and some sports with little activity, such as billiards, golf, croquet, etc., suitable for the elderly. Aerobic exercise can not only promote cardiopulmonary function, but also maintain muscle strength at a certain level, a certain state of stimulation, which is good for the body and mind.