How to remove chloasma


Women are pursuing a good skin condition at any stage, but many women are suffering from chloasma, which will make our skin look poor and make us look dull. So if you also have melasma problems now, don't miss this article. The following are the main reasons why we form melasma and how to get rid of melasma.

The cause of the formation of chloasma

There are many reasons for the formation of chloasma, the following are the specific reasons that cause chloasma on our face. The first reason is hereditary factors. The melasma that is inherited with age will gradually appear. The second reason is that the disorder of our hormone levels during pregnancy, or the changes in hormone levels caused by oral contraceptives, are the reasons for the appearance of melasma. The third reason is bad living habits, such as long-term staying up late and lack of sleep or stress and long-term tension, which is also the reason for the disorder of the body's hormone levels. The fourth reason is the use of a variety of improper skin care products, resulting in skin damage. The fifth reason is that some improper medical and cosmetic laser treatments, improper parameter selection, and improper care after laser treatment are all causes of chloasma. The sixth reason is long-term sun exposure, exposure to ultraviolet rays, and lack of sun protection measures.

Method for removing melasma

There are many ways to get rid of melasma, we have to choose the method that suits us best. The first method is to use a melasma-removing cream and stick to it for a long time. The second method is to use liquid nitrogen cryotherapy, which mainly uses freezing of the epidermis to peel off the epidermis after necrosis, so as to achieve the effect of removing pigmented plaques. The third method is to deal with the skin problem through laser treatment, but be sure to go to a regular medical beauty hospital and ask the doctor if laser treatment is suitable. The fourth method is to develop good living habits, go to bed early and get up early, and maintain a good mood. The fifth method is to take sun protection measures when going out, and take sunscreen or hats for sun protection. The sixth method is to use fruit acid peeling for treatment, which can make the old stratum corneum fall off, and the new skin will grow back to achieve a smooth and white effect. This is the basic method of removing chloasma, let's see if it suits you.

Products suitable for removing melasma

Some tyrosinase inhibitor ointments can be used externally to achieve the purpose of removing chloasma. Or take the trichloroacetic acid solution to achieve the purpose of removing melasma. This treatment method is mainly through peeling off the epidermis to achieve the effect of removing pigmented plaques. Or rub tyrosinase inhibitor cream on the melasma. On weekdays, you should also eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and eat less spicy and irritating food. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C or choose products containing VC, which have a certain effect on diluting scars.

The above is a basic introduction to the causes of chloasma and how to get rid of chloasma. If you also have the problem of chloasma, you might as well try it, and you will see the effect if you stick to it for a long time. Each of us can have fair and clean skin.