Can I use loose powder to control oil without makeup?


Can I use loose powder to control oil without makeup?
Yes, loose powder can reduce the oil on the face, but since loose powder is a cosmetic, if you want to achieve the best effect without hurting your skin, it is recommended to use loose powder after isolating your face.
The correct way to use loose powder
The correct application of loose powder requires the help of two tools: a powder puff and a loose powder brush.
1. Dip an appropriate amount of loose powder on the puff first, press it evenly on the face, be careful not to apply it horizontally or vertically, and gently press to pat the loose powder off.
2. Use a loose powder brush to brush off the excess loose powder on the face, so that the loose powder can better fit the skin. Pay special attention to the skin around the nose. Because of its special location, it is easy to be powdered, so special attention is required. When brushing loose powder with a loose powder brush, pay attention to the action to be gentle, and brush in the direction of the growth of the skin pores.
3. Repeat the above actions until the face is covered with loose powder and the makeup is completed.
How to control oil without makeup
Method 1 : Use right oil control skin care products
Why the skin is oily, this is naturally inseparable from the foundation of your own skin, so you need to make fundamental adjustments. Then we must use skin care products that can control oil, especially water and lotions, and do not choose to use products that are too moisturizing. Equivalent to dry skin, greasy skin care products are skin care products that can maintain a supple state. But for oily skin, it's a "skincare disaster"! If you want to keep your skin fresh and reduce oiliness, you need to fundamentally relieve it and use the right oil control skin care products!
Method 2: Cleanse your skin with a cleanser
Oily skin needs to be cleansed in place, so an amino acid face wash or a very mild face wash that you use in your daily routine is suitable for dry skin. For oily skin, it causes the skin not to be cleaned properly, so it makes your face look shiny and dirty! On the contrary, if you use a facial cleanser to clean the skin, it can achieve a good deep cleaning, make the skin clean, and also control the balance of water and oil, so that the skin gradually tends to be clean and fresh!