7 Ways to Shrink Pores


Large pores are a hot topic in the beauty industry. Every girl wants to have smooth and delicate skin, but large pores are the main culprit in destroying beautiful skin. A face with large pores not only looks rough and dull, it is more likely to make people misunderstand their age.


The easiest way to shrink pores
1. Yogurt shrinks pores
Mix yogurt and honey in a three-to-one ratio, apply it on your face, and wash off after 15 minutes. Honey can not only shrink pores, but also increase skin elasticity.
2.Beer shrinks pores
While drinking beer can lengthen the beer belly, its beauty benefits are undeniable. The vitamin B and zinc ingredients contained in beer are very helpful in shrinking pores. The operation method is also very simple, directly soak the cotton pad in beer, apply it on the area with large pores after 3 minutes, and wait for the moisture of the cotton pad to dry.
3. Aloe vera shrinks pores
Aloe vera is not only moisturizing and freckle-removing, it is also useful for calming the skin and shrinking pores. Apply fresh aloe vera juice to your face every night before going to bed, the results will be very noticeable after a while. In addition, if you do not have fresh aloe vera juice, you can also buy aloe vera gel instead.
4. Lemon juice shrinks pores

Everyone knows that drinking lemon juice can whiten the skin. In fact, lemon juice is also very effective at shrinking pores and reducing acne and breakouts. The operation method is also very simple, add a few drops of lemon juice to the water, and then wash your face with water.


5. Chestnut skin shrinks pores
Mash fresh chestnut peels into powder and apply an appropriate amount to the face to effectively shrink pores.
6. Egg White Shrinks Pores
I believe everyone has done egg white mask. It not only tightens the skin, but also lightens the skin texture and prevents skin aging. If you find it difficult to apply a mask, then use it to wash your face, and it also has the effect of reducing pores. After moisturizing, apply egg white on your face, then rinse off with water, and you can see results after 1 month.
7. Ice towel shrinks pores
Applying an ice towel to your face not only constricts capillaries and reduces itching, but also relieves irritation and allergic skin reactions. When the pores are large, you can apply a cold towel to your face after getting up, wipe your face clean to tighten the pores, and then apply skin care products, the effect will be obvious.