Is there any good way to deal with sagging breasts?


Why are your breasts sagging? The reason lies in the bad habits in daily life

Breasts are a woman's second face, but they are very fragile and will sag and become smaller if you don't take care of them. Look at those habits that cause your breasts to sag. Have you done them all?

1. Excessive dieting to lose weight and insufficient protein intake
Long-term starvation, the body thinks that entering the famine era, it will inevitably mobilize the stored fat and protein to deal with it, and one of the main structural components of the breast is fat and collagen. Breast fat loss, sagging skin, loss of pectoral muscles, atrophy of glandular tissue due to nutritional deficiencies, overall breast tissue reduction, but no reduction in connective tissue connecting the pectoral muscles and breasts, so the breasts become smaller and sagging.
During weight loss, in order to prevent breasts from becoming smaller and sagging, high-protein foods should be combined with vitamins a, b, c, e and minerals calcium, magnesium, iron to provide adequate nutrition for the breasts and maintain the balance of hormone levels, to keep the breasts plump and firm.
2. The bra size does not match, the wearing method is wrong!
"Anyway, you can't see it when you wear it inside. It doesn't matter if it's bigger or smaller. Don't pay attention to the size of your underwear"
Many women have not tried to buy home underwear when they buy underwear. In fact, underwear that is too small will affect the development of the breasts, and long-term wearing of underwear that is too large may cause the breasts to sag. With the change of age and before marriage or pregnancy, the size of women's breasts will change. At this time, you should adjust the size of underwear, try before you buy. When wearing a bra, you should not just buckle it, but you should buckle the bra first, then adjust the shoulder straps, bend your body forward, and tuck the entire breast and surrounding fat into the cup with your hands, so as to look plump and full. It prevents breast fat from moving outward, making the breasts smaller and smaller.
In addition, the choice of underwear also depends on the shape of the chest. The full cup is suitable for the fullness of the chest, it can expand or tighten the chest, suitable for women with full or loose breasts; the half cup can directly support the lower part of the chest, and the vertical chest strap can improve the bust line and make the chest full and beautiful. Spherical, more suitable for women with sagging breasts; side cups can push the breasts from the sides to the middle, making the breasts fuller, suitable for women with enlarged or flat breasts; 3/4 cup It is suitable for women with full but saggy breasts.
3. Do not wear sports underwear when exercising
Some people only wear normal underwear when they skip rope, they think that their breasts are small and will not sag anyway.
In fact, if you do not wear sports underwear during running, bouncing and other sports, the chest will swing involuntarily and greatly, causing permanent damage to the elastic fiber tissue in the breast. According to statistics, 50% of the women surveyed do not know that the violent shaking of the breasts during exercise will damage the elastic fibers of the breasts, causing the breasts to sag.
Excessive exercise or inadvertently wearing underwear while exercising can damage your breasts. Large breasts will sag and small breasts will become smaller. In particular, girls who prefer running, skipping rope and other breast reduction exercises should pay special attention to them. They must wear sports underwear when exercising to protect their breasts.
4. Wear too many high heels
This is not a small link to scare everyone. If you wear too many high heels, your chest will really sag! ".

The American "Women's Health" magazine has reported that the curvature of the spine can easily lead to sagging breasts. One of the reasons for the curvature of the spine is the long-term wearing of high heels. National Fitness Association Athletic Trainer Rachel Cosgrove says high heels can cause muscle tension in the ankles, and if you wear them for a long time, the muscle tension can extend to the legs and waist. When the muscles in the lower back are tense, it can lead to increased arching and sagging of the breasts. For women who haven't had children, high heels have an even more lethal effect: increasing the likelihood of obstructed labor. Wearing high-heeled shoes can cause the pelvis to tilt forward for a long time, and if the baby's head cannot enter the pelvis smoothly during pregnancy, it is likely to cause dystocia.

Daily maintenance cannot be saved
Daily chest massage : What to do when your breasts are sagging? When you are sleeping, or when you have nothing to do at home, you can massage your breasts and support your breasts with one hand for massage, which can not only circulate blood in your chest, but also make the increased nutrition even, which can promote the release of magnetic hormones. Secretion, which is conducive to female breast enlargement and plumpness, and is very helpful for breast sagging.
Choose the right bra:Women must choose a bra that suits them. When choosing a bra, be sure to buy a bra of good quality, good breathability, and just the right size, and avoid choosing too large or too small A bra of the right size can better support the breasts, promote the blood circulation of the breasts, effectively reduce the phenomenon of breast sagging, and also protect the breasts from friction and damage, which has a good maintenance effect on the breasts.
Breast bathing: The milk wash can promote the blood circulation of the breast, and can also prevent various breast diseases, which is good for the maintenance of the breast. What to do about sagging breasts? The breasts will sag after bathing. At this time, you should go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time, so as not to delay the condition and cause serious consequences. However, the bath water should not be too hot to prevent scalding the breast. The temperature of the bath water is best controlled at 25 degrees Celsius. In winter, the water temperature can be increased to about 27 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, the stratum corneum of the breast skin will be scalded and the skin will become dry. Tissue also becomes loose.
Reasonable diet: Women should eat a reasonable diet and consume more protein. The main components of female breasts are fat and collagen. All women should not over-diet, and should eat more foods such as meat skin, pig trotters, and dried shrimps.