How to lose belly?


There are many people who go to the gym or engage in yoga after get off work, but in the busy daily life, it is difficult to stick to it and gradually ignore it. It is indeed not an easy task to set aside a special time to exercise according to the established plan. Therefore, the abdominal contraction exercise that can be done at home has become the focus of everyone's attention. No need for professional equipment and special venues, you can simply and happily slim down your belly at home, and you are expected to eliminate the bulging belly fat and turn into a small waist. However, the author reminds everyone that women need to practice for more than 2-3 months. It is recommended to do one day off and one day off, and the body fat should be 15-18%.

Abdominal exercise for abdominal breathing
Abdominal breathing involves expanding your belly when you inhale and contracting when you exhale. This is the most basic training for a mm who is yoga or practicing vocals. The advantage of abdominal breathing is to help intestinal peristalsis, which can promote the excretion of waste in the body, thereby smoothing the airflow.
And when we usually walk or stand, as long as we forcefully shrink the abdomen and cooperate with abdominal breathing, we can make the lower abdominal muscles firm and achieve the purpose of thinning the lower abdomen. It may not be easy to get used to at the beginning, but you must persevere.
Abs workoutToe touchdown
First, lie down on your back. Bend your thighs at a ninety-degree angle with your shins parallel to the ground. The hands are naturally flat by the sides of the body, with the palms facing down. At this time, the upper body should be tense and the back should be close to the ground.
Then lower your left leg in two steps, starting with the hips only, with your toes rushing down to the ground, and your toes not really touching the ground. Then exhale, return the leg to the starting position in two steps, and do the same for the right leg. Repeat this action alternately with both legs, twelve times on each leg.

Supine Alternating Abdominal Workout

The main content of this supine alternate method is to exercise the lateral abdominal muscles.

First, put your hands behind your neck, bend your legs, and then alternately push the ground with one leg. Pay attention to the distance between the ground and the ground, but not so high that your feet cannot touch the ground, and then switch to the other side. The elbow on one side of the bent leg and the knee on the other side should be as close as possible, and at the same time, the side abdominal muscles should be used to control, and each leg should be kicked at least fifteen times, a total of three sets.

Introduction to belly fat reduction recipes
If you are determined to lose belly fat, then you need to plan your diet, paying attention to calorie and nutrient intake.
In our body, it is necessary to maintain a balance between substances that cause oxidation and substances that inhibit it. Poor diet, excessive stress and excessive exercise can increase the cluster of reactive oxygen species in the body, leading to various adult diseases. Therefore, care must be taken to select a menu that reduces reactive oxygen species in the body.
Excessive intake of cholesterol is also a major cause of belly fat gain. Regular consumption of greasy or fast food also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, it is important to choose a menu that reduces cholesterol content.
Eating more nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables and protein can make your belly firm, without the worries of a big belly, and boldly show off a beautiful waistline.