What should I do if my baby has white spots?


Nowadays, many parents also attach great importance to the health of their children, especially the care of their babies. We do not want to miss every detail, so when there is a little abnormality, we are all attentive. What is the reason for the white spots on the baby? Let me introduce to you all! What's the matter with the white spots on the baby's body?

Newborn babies are not only cute, but also have very delicate skin. If parents do not take good care of them, it is likely that the baby's skin will be damaged. To ensure that the baby is exposed to the sun more, this can improve the baby's immunity, so what's the matter with the baby's white spots?


First, What's wrong with the white spots on the baby? It may be eczema or prickly heat. After the prickly heat occurs, avoid scratching to prevent secondary infection. The mother should keep the room ventilated and keep the baby's skin clean. But if the baby has eczema, the mother must first find out the cause, feed it reasonably, and take good care of it. If it is not serious, and there is no obvious redness, itching, or irritability, it is recommended not to use the medicine first. The baby should pay more attention to the diet, mainly light, and feed more water. If breastfeeding, the mother also pays attention to the diet. Sometimes the baby is too hot to cause the symptoms of sweating bumps. If it is not too much, it will go down automatically after a period of time, don't worry.
Second, When there are some small white spots on the child's body, before the cause of the symptoms is diagnosed, the child cannot be given some medicines. Sometimes the abuse of drugs can cause Skin allergies will also play a role in the child's body, which is a problem that parents should pay special attention to. When the child has some small white spots and fever, they should go to the hospital for inspection in time. According to the symptoms of vitiligo, determine whether these small white spots are symptoms of no charge. If it is determined to be vitiligo, the child should be treated in time. , timely control.
How to distinguish white spots in babies?
Prickly heat is caused by clogged sweat pores, while eczema is caused by many factors such as diet, dust mites, wool, chemicals, indigestion, etc. Prickly heat is temporary, while eczema is a chronic disease.
The difference between prickly heat and eczema is that prickly heat usually occurs on the neck, chest and back, and elbow fossa, where sweat is abundant, while eczema can occur anywhere on the body, such as the cheeks and forehead. Prickly heat and eczema occur at different times of the year. Prickly heat usually occurs in summer, mainly in children, while eczema occurs in certain seasons.
What are white spots on babies? If after the inspection by the hospital, it is not vitiligo, but may be skin allergies caused by other reasons, then at this time, parents should be at ease, they can relieve these symptoms through other drugs, and let the children in Pay more attention to the diet, pay attention to the hygiene of the child, and slowly this symptom will disappear.
Parents do not want their children to grow up healthy, so when we find that the baby has vitiligo, we must pay attention to it and investigate it in time. If necessary, we will go to the hospital for skin examination in time. This is undoubtedly a safe and effective method.