8 Benefits of Baby Swimming


When a baby swims, the entire process must be supervised at all times. If the baby swims at home, the mother must undergo professional training in the hospital to ensure the safety of the baby.
Expectant mothers should pay attention to the fact that the water temperature should be kept as constant as possible whether the baby is swimming at home or in the swimming pool. The swimming pool chooses to go to a constant temperature swimming pool. So, what are the benefits of baby swimming?
8 Benefits of Swimming for Newborn Babies:
1. Babies often swim to improve the function of the respiratory system. Due to the pressure of the water on the chest gallery, the intercostal muscles are exercised, the ventilation of the alveoli is increased, and the pectoralis major and minor muscles are also exercised and strengthened due to exercise.
2. Baby swimming can consume too much fat and use the muscles of various parts of the body to make the body shapely and fit.
3. In the process of swimming, the baby's brain function will also be improved, so that the baby's brain responds quickly to the external environment and develops well.

4. The regular swimming of infants can make the heart muscle develop, the metabolism is strong, and the heartbeat is slower and stronger than that of infants of the same age, which prepares the conditions for taking on a greater physical load.


5. Swimming can also improve the baby's cold tolerance and immunity to diseases. Speed ​​up growth and development.
6. Infant swimming can promote the secretion of hormones (gastrin, insulin, etc.), help food absorption, and increase gastrointestinal motility, so it can increase body weight and promote high-quality growth and development of infants and young children. So as to achieve: eat more, absorb quickly, and strengthen the body.
7. Baby swimming helps to establish a good sleep rhythm, change the baby's sleep time, let him exercise during the day, swim in the morning and afternoon, and fall asleep naturally at night. After exercising, sleep is particularly good when tired.
8. Baby swimming can also exercise the baby's communication ability and infectious power, laying a good foundation for the formation of unique personality charm.