How to feed an Océ cat?


When the Océ cat first came into the limelight, it was not considered a new breed. Although it attracted a lot of attention as soon as it appeared, there are also many people who are dismissive of this cat. The Ossi cat is native to the United States and was bred by American researchers by crossing Abyssinian cats with Siamese cats and American Shorthair cats. Despite the twisty road to certification, after a decade of pedigree management, the Océ cat has been recognized.

Océ cat character traits

Océ cats are relatively friendly cats. Their friendliness is not only reflected in the relationship with the host, but also does not make unfriendly "babble" sounds to friends who are guests at home. In addition, the Océ cat loves children very much, so the owner does not have to worry that the child and the cat cannot get along well, maybe their relationship is much deeper than the relationship between you and the cat. It should be noted that Océ cats are not friendly to other cats, so when two cats meet, there is bound to be a fight.

Océ is also a lively cat who seems to be very interested in all things. If you look closely, you'll see that they're playing this and touching that. They want their owners to interact a lot with them. If you don't have enough time, you might as well prepare more toys for the cat to avoid the cat getting depressed because of loneliness and boredom. Because Océ cats are very active, it's a good idea for owners to prepare a cat climbing frame for them so that they don't take up furniture such as your bookcases because they want to climb up. Owners should also keep fragile items in the home to prevent cats from damaging them while exercising.

Océ cats are very loyal to their owners. They don't leave their masters just because others are nice to them. Instead, they keep their distance from others. Even if they are friendly to you, it doesn't mean they have a place for you in their hearts.

Océ cat breeding knowledge

The Océ cat is a new breed that has been artificially raised. It seems that how to raise it well depends on step-by-step exploration. In fact, the rearing of Océ cats is the same as that of most cats, not feeding too salty food, not bathing often, and so on.

The number one factor in Océ cats having a good body is making sure they have good teeth. When it comes to how to make cats have good teeth, the first reaction of owners may be to brush their teeth. In fact, the quality of cat teeth can also be changed by feeding them. When the cat is young, the owner can give them soft food, but as soon as the cat is three months old, they should be fed dry food gradually, so as to ensure that the cat's teeth are fully rubbed and prevent the development of things such as tartar.

In addition, because Océ cats are active cats, owners can give them appropriate treats at mealtimes. The taste of snacks can be selected according to the cat's preferences, but the supply of snacks should not be too much, otherwise it may cause the cat to gain weight. If the cat is more prone to hunger because of a lot of exercise, the owner can appropriately increase the amount of food.

We all know that cats don't like to drink water, but if the cat is dehydrated, it may cause the cat's normal balance to be disrupted. Some smart owners will feed their cats canned food to help them rehydrate, which is really a good idea. It should be noted that although the water content of canned food is very high, the cat will be hungry in a short time, so the owner should prepare some other food for the cat!

Of course, Océ cats also need to supplement the food intake of calcium, iron, vitamins and other trace elements. Therefore, the owner must ensure the nutritional balance of Océ cat food to avoid malnutrition or lack of trace elements in cats. Once the cat has any symptoms of malnutrition or lack of trace elements, the owner should cooperate with the veterinarian to treat the cat in time.