What are the correct pedaling methods for riding?


The correct pedaling method in cycling can not only adjust the muscles of the body, but also protect the knees. The pedaling methods of cycling include the three most commonly used methods, which are explained below for everyone.

The correct way to pedal in cycling

1. Freestyle pedaling method

At present, some elite athletes mostly use the freestyle pedaling method. This way of pedaling means that during the rotation of the foot, the angle of the ankle joint changes according to different parts of the foot. Freestyle pedals conform to mechanics. The direction of the force is consistent with the circular tangent formed when the pedal rotates, which reduces the range of motion of the knee joint and thigh, which is beneficial to increase the pedal frequency, naturally pass through the critical area, and reduce the dead angle. The thigh muscles can also be relatively relaxed. But this way of pedaling is more difficult to master.


2. Toe stepping method

The characteristic of the pedals is that the toes remain down throughout the entire pedal rotation. This method has a small range of motion of the ankle joint, which is conducive to increasing the frequency and easy to master, but the leg muscles are always in a tense state, which is not conducive to the natural passage of the critical zone.


3. Heel stepping method

The heel-down pedaling method is to point the toes slightly upwards and the heels down 8 to 15 degrees. This method is rarely used in normal cycling, but only a few people use the heel-to-heel method for transitional adjustments during cycling. The following pedaling method. It is characterized in that the muscles change the state of exertion in a short time, get a short rest, and achieve the purpose of restoring normal muscles.