Methods and Benefits of Outdoor Cycling


Many people in life will ride bicycles to exercise, but most people don't know how to do it, so what should we pay attention to when choosing a bicycle? In addition to being our convenient means of transportation, bicycles are also a good tool for exercising.

The benefits of outdoor cycling

1. Comprehensively exercise the internal organs of the human body, enhance cardiopulmonary function, improve endurance, promote metabolism and blood circulation, and delay physical aging.

2. Long-term outdoor riding can improve cardiopulmonary function and enhance immunity.

3. Muscle contraction compresses blood vessels to promote blood flow, draws blood from the end of blood vessels back to the heart, strengthens microvascular tissue and improves microcirculation.

4. Improve the strength of the human skeletal muscle system and ligaments, improve the flexibility of the lumbar spine, and comprehensively improve the overall quality of the human body such as speed, endurance, sensitivity, flexibility, and coordination.

5, can make people get rid of troubles, transfer troubles, happy mood, happy spirit.

Exercise methods for outdoor cycling:

The core muscle strength cycle method, during the outdoor riding process, leave the buttocks out of the seat, but do not stand up straight, and at the same time use the core (waist and abdomen) to control the balance of the body. Use this method to build core strength.

Intermittent riding method, when riding outdoors, first ride at medium and slow speeds for 1-2 minutes, then ride at 1.5-2 times the speed for 2 minutes, then ride at medium and slow speeds, and then return to fast. By analogy, the alternate cycle exercise can improve the trainer's ability to adapt to aerobic exercise.

The fat-reducing riding method, which is outdoor riding at a moderate speed, generally requires continuous and uninterrupted riding for more than 40 minutes, and pays attention to regular breathing, which is very effective for fat loss.

The intensity-based outdoor cycling method first requires riding at 60% of your limit speed for five to seven minutes, and secondly, using a heart rate monitor to observe your pulse per minute, so that it is within the range of cardio-respiratory fitness training to achieve the goal of exercising cardio. Effects on the vascular system.

Power riding method, that is, riding hard according to different situations, such as: adjusting the gear size when going uphill or uphill (only for 5th or 10th gear adjustable speed bicycles), this method can improve the muscle strength of the legs or muscular endurance.

Precautions for purchasing bicycles:

1. Look carefully at the car paint, don't underestimate the car paint, the regular car paint can make the bicycle look good, and it will not fall off after a long time. And the rough spray paint, if it falls off for a long time, will make the iron pipe rust and the bicycle will not be strong.

2. Check the bike welds. Generally good bicycles are welded tightly and there will be no gaps. Poor quality bikes are poorly welded and often have small holes or cracks. Over time, there will be safety hazards, and every welding point should be carefully inspected.

3. Look at the material of the frame The frame is an important part to support the bicycle. When buying a bike, you should ask about the material of the frame. The frame is generally divided into high-strength steel, ordinary steel, etc., and the better bicycles are aluminum alloy and titanium. Carbon fiber and other materials, while the body is lighter, the safety is also improved a lot.

4. Look at the size of the bike. The size of the bike is usually small. Nothing more than a big wheel and a small wheel. Pay attention when buying. If it is a woman and a child, it is best to choose a small wheel, which is more labor-saving; for a man, it is best to ride a big wheel, and one step is much faster than a small wheel.

Outdoor exercise is the fitness method that most young people choose. Fitness is important, but more attention should be paid to the safety of fitness. Be careful when exercising.