Which is more harmful to eat late-night snacks or stay up late on an empty stomach?


With the enhancement of people's awareness of health care, "staying up late hurts the body" has become a well-known health care common sense, but when you are hungry at night, whether to stay up late to eat supper or stay hungry until breakfast the next day, which is more harmful? What to do if you are hungry at night?

1. What are the hazards of eating supper?

Everyone knows that staying up late and eating late-night snacks is not good for your health, but what are the dangers of eating late-night snacks?

Hazards of midnight snack 1, causing obesity

During the day, the body's metabolism is faster, so the demand for food will be larger. At night, the body's biological clock gradually tightens to a resting state, the rate of metabolism also decreases, and the demand for food also decreases.


Therefore, if you stay up late and eat a late-night snack, the energy cannot be consumed, and the body can only store the energy that cannot be consumed, and the excess energy will form fat and cause obesity.

Hazards of late-night snacks 2. Stomach disease

Eating food will naturally trouble the stomach to digest, which involves the impact of supper on the stomach. As the main digestive organ of the human body, the stomach needs to rest at night to repair itself after working all day. If you often stay up late and eat late night, the stomach cannot get timely rest, which can easily lead to stomach diseases.

Hazards of midnight snack 3. Increased cholesterol

If you choose high-protein, high-fat, and high-salt foods for late-night snacks, the intake of such foods will easily lead to a significant increase in blood cholesterol and a sudden increase in blood lipids in the body, causing the liver to release more low-density lipoproteins. And this kind of low-density lipoprotein, which is unhealthy cholesterol, is the inducement of cerebral infarction, coronary heart disease and other diseases.

Hazards of late night snacks IV. Reduce sleep quality

After eating a snack at night, the stomach cannot be emptied in time, the body cannot really rest, and the excitement of the brain will increase, making people unable to sleep for a long time, thus affecting the quality of sleep. The time of deep sleep is shortened, the brain is in a state of light sleep for a long time, and it is easy to wake up, thus affecting the efficiency of work and study the next day.


Second, if you stay up late and get hungry, should you eat a late-night snack?

We all know now that staying up late is a bad way of life, which will endanger our health. Frequent staying up late will cause irreversible damage to various organs of the human body.

However, due to work and study reasons, modern people sometimes have to stay up late. This occasional and unavoidable stay up late, especially 4 hours after dinner, when the food is almost digested, eat a little supper Night is not bad, the key question is how to eat? What kind of food do you eat?

3. What should I eat if I stay up late and have a late-night snack?

When staying up late to eat late-night snacks, you should choose foods that meet the following conditions:

1. A late-night snack with less energy, low fat and high nutritional value;

2. A late-night snack that is easy to digest and does not burden the stomach;

3. Have a certain sense of satiety and satisfy the hungry supper;

4. It helps to improve the physical strength and energy of the next day, and it will not affect sleep after eating.

5. Foods can be high in water, moderate in carbohydrates, rich in B vitamins, calcium and potassium. It is best to choose foods with high levels of threonine and tryptophan in protein, which can enhance physical strength, stabilize nerves and emotions.

6. The best way to cook is to choose stewing, steaming and boiling that are easy to digest and absorb and will not produce excess fat. Do not choose fried, fried or pickled high-salt foods.