What Causes Dogs to Get Parvovirus?


For dog lovers, it's really scary to say that dogs "turn their guts." Everyone must be familiar with this disease. In fact, it's a parvovirus at work. Now we tell you that dogs don't turn their guts, that's just what people say. Because the dog's intestine is very short, after the full moon, due to improper feeding, it will induce a small virus!


What causes dogs to be infected with parvovirus:

1. Improper diet:

This is the most common cause of parvovirus infection, and many people are still trying to feed their dogs a variety of foods.

Milk: Foods with high polymer content, some people will have diarrhea if they have a bad stomach, let alone dogs, so this must be absolutely eliminated in the puppy period.

Too much greasy food: all kinds of meat. The simplest way to say that is that the dog's intestines cannot be attached to fat, and it will definitely cause diarrhea if they eat it.

Various bones: The most deadly are chicken, duck, rabbit, pigeon and other poultry bones. As an experiment, hit cooked poultry bones with a hammer. The broken bones are sharp bones that can easily scratch the stomach. If you eat too many bones, the dog will become constipated, and in severe cases, it will lead to anal rupture!

Onions, chocolate, grapes: These are also contraindicated foods that can cause severe allergic reactions.

Eat cold food: Some dogs with slightly better stomachs will have no problem eating a meal or two. But if things go on like this, sooner or later, diarrhea will occur, which will seriously damage gastrointestinal function.

Leftovers: On the one hand, leftover food can go bad, and on the other hand, it can breed a lot of bacteria.


2. Cold: When the weather changes, people know to add clothes, so the dog does the same. Especially short-haired dogs need more attention. For example, open the window when it is cold, let the dog sleep directly on the cool floor, such as the dog sleeping on the damp mat, such as eating cold food in cold weather... In fact, from a different perspective, if people also make these common mistakes, they will also Diarrhea occurs.  

3. Infection: Small transfer speed is scary. If healthy and sick dogs are not properly segregated, air, feces, saliva, etc. can become sources of infection.  

4. Internal parasites: Internal parasites can cause diarrhea in dogs, which is a deadly cause for small dogs.

The above results in enteritis and diarrhea in dogs. Left untreated, parvovirus infection can occur!

Symptoms of infection with parvovirus

Early dogs will have mild diarrhea, persistent diarrhea, refusal to feed, with vomiting, bleeding, hypothermia, pink or white gums, and cold to the touch. If your gums are cold to the touch, you are dying.