What should I do if my dog ​​has a runny nose?


Dog owners may often see a dog runny nose, so what should you do with your dog's runny nose? Need to remind everyone not to rush to take the medicine first, it is not too late to see the following steps!

1. The first thing to do is to determine what causes the dog to have a runny nose. Touch your dog's nose to see if it is dry. A healthy dog's nose should be moist except when sleeping. If the nose is still wet, the runny nose is mostly caused by cold weather; if the nose is dry, accompanied by cough, lack of energy, etc., then the runny nose is likely to be a cold.

2. For the runny nose caused by the cold weather, it is good to take measures to keep the dog warm. If there is no clothing, put more cloth or cotton in the kennel and seal it up. Especially puppies, the resistance is not good. pay attention. The best way is to supply honey water every day. It works great.


3. For a dog with a cold and a runny nose, the best advice is to send it to a veterinarian for a temperature check and a diagnosis. Then listen to what the doctor says, if the condition is good, take it back to take the medicine on time; if the situation is uncertain, do not use human medicine, although the use of human medicine can save the dog's life, it is still risky. If you use human anti-inflammatory drugs, the dosage must be small, and check the situation first. If it is effective, it will take two days to improve.

4. The dog's diet needs the most attention, do not eat too salty or spicy food. Dogs raised on whole grains have the most beautiful coats and the best bodies. Meat just supplements some necessary nutrients, don't eat it every day, it's not good for dogs.


5. The vinegar is dripped into its nostrils, which has the effect of sterilization and prevention. Washing your dog's face with cold water, whether it's winter or summer, can prevent colds. Or go to the vet to take medicine, don't take a bath these days, don't sleep on the floor at night, you need to cover it with a thick lint.

After reading the above method, you can try to learn. In addition, when the dog has a runny nose, the owner's care is what it needs most, and it needs patience. It will be a lot stronger. Encourage it and touch it, it is very useful.