How to tell if a female dog is mating successfully?


There is no way to tell if a dog is mating in heat. If the female dog mates successfully, a mild pregnancy reaction will appear in about 7 days. As the female dog's pregnancy period prolongs, the symptoms of pregnancy will become more and more obvious, and we can judge whether the dog is mating successfully through these actual changes.

How to judge whether the female dog has successfully mated

1. Observe the physical changes of the bitch. Now that bitches are pregnant, there must be some subtle changes in their bodies. For example, the belly of a pregnant bitch will gradually become larger, especially in the later stages of pregnancy, the belly will become more and more bloated.

2. 20-30 days after mating, you can touch the abdomen and uterus of the bitch with your hands. If you can clearly feel the larger diameter uterus and an egg-sized placenta in the abdomen, you can be sure that the dog has been successfully conceived.

3. Take the dog for B-ultrasound or X-ray examination: 19-25 days after mating, Doppler, A-type or B-type ultrasound diagnosis can be done; or X-ray examination of the fetus can be done 30-35 days after mating.

Supplement: Once a female dog is successfully mated, in addition to physical changes, her personality habits will also change. In the early stage, the appetite may decrease due to physical discomfort, but as the pregnancy period prolongs, the appetite of the bitch will gradually increase, and the amount of food eaten in the third trimester will become larger.

After a successful mating, the bitch will be different than usual. In the early days, owners can use these differences to judge whether the female dog is mating successfully.

If the owner wants to judge the physical condition of the female dog, he can start from the following aspects

The first thing that can help us judge is the dog's mating action. We might see two dogs standing tail to tail. In fact, it's them mating. Mating is a prerequisite for a female dog to become pregnant, and pregnancy is only possible after mating.

When a bitch is about a month pregnant, her belly still changes, she looks bigger than usual, and her nipples get bigger. Because the female dog is affected by the fetus inside, there will be some changes in appetite. In general, the appetite is not as good as usual, and there is occasional mild vomiting.

Finally, when a female dog is pregnant, her body will also gain weight. Most bitches don't like to move around when they're pregnant, and are noticeably lazier than usual.

Pregnant bitches deserve more adequate nutrition. The owner can feed the bitch some nutritious food, and at the same time eat less and eat more, to increase the bitch's food intake. Finally, owners should also take more bitches around. Although the body of the female dog is relatively heavy, moving more and exercising is good for the bitch and the puppies, but if the exercise is too much, it is not good for them, and it is counterproductive.