How to Increase Muscle Strength


Muscles are an important part of the human body and are very helpful for the human body to walk, sit, and lie down. However, some people have larger fascicles and some have relatively smaller fascicles. Some people have muscles, but their bodies are weak and powerless. Some people have very few muscles, but have very high strength values. How should such high-quality muscles be exercised? Doing this ensures that you also have this strength type of muscle.

Increase muscle mass

To increase muscle strength, you must first increase muscle mass, because muscle strength and muscle mass are closely related. Generally speaking, the larger the muscle mass, the higher the strength value.

1. Do anaerobic training

First, we need to do proper anaerobic exercise. Anaerobic exercise can tear and squeeze muscle fibers. When a muscle fiber is torn, a self-healing button is turned on. As muscle fibers heal, they grow larger than before. This is the principle of building muscle through fitness. . To increase muscle mass, we need exercise, but muscle cells have a certain toughness. Ordinary aerobic exercise is difficult to tear muscle cells, so we need to do anaerobic exercise to build our muscles through anaerobic exercise.

2. Supplement with proper protein

We can supplement appropriate protein during anaerobic exercise, and through protein supplementation, help muscles grow faster and better. Protein helps build muscle cells, and we can supplement it with fish and lean meats. The exact amount of protein to supplement depends on your weight. Add 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight. If you weigh 70 kg, you can add 70 grams of protein.

Improve the efficiency of muscles

Some people have a lot of muscle mass, but the strength value is not high. why is it like this? This may be that your muscles are not efficient, and we need to improve our muscle efficiency through these two points.

1. Free weight training

We can do some free weight training to build our muscles through such high-intensity movements. To build muscle, we can use weights for strength training. There are two types of strength training, one is fixed equipment training and the other is free strength training. I recommend the latter to everyone.

Free weight training has a great effect on our muscle control because there is no fixed trajectory for this type of training, all the trajectory is controlled by our muscles. So I recommend everyone to do more free weight training, at least once every other day.

2. Properly change the exercise intensity

I recommend that you vary the intensity of your exercise during free weight training. If you can lift 20kg dumbbells, we can occasionally switch to 15kg or 10kg The dumbbells continue to work out. In addition, we can occasionally increase or decrease the number of sets, generally not more than five sets, nor less than two sets.

Conclusion: Seeing here, we have a full understanding of how to build strong muscles. Muscle strength is important, and I recommend building strong muscles. Well, without further ado, let's build muscle together. As long as we keep at it, we will definitely have super strong muscles.