4 Reasons for Delayed Menstruation


Whether the menstrual cycle is normal can often reflect a woman's own health. Female friends of all ages often feel distressed because of delayed menstruation, because delayed menstruation is often accompanied by abdominal pain, hot flashes, joint pain and many other discomforts. What is a delayed menstruation? What are the reasons for delayed menstruation? Only by accurately judging the reasons for the delayed menstruation can we better prescribe the right medicine and solve the troubles caused by the delayed menstruation according to different reasons.


First, what is delayed menstruation

The normal menstrual cycle is about 28 to 35 days. When the actual menstrual cycle exceeds the normal time by about 7 days, this disorder of the menstrual cycle can be called delayed menstruation. In addition to the common abdominal pain, delayed menstruation often has other complications, which may lead to difficulty in conceiving, causing acne and acne on the face that can affect skin health, limb weakness, migraines, and more. If the cause is not found in time and the right medicine is not found in time, the delayed menstruation may affect the physical health of female friends.

2. Four major reasons for delayed menstruation
1. Pathological reasons lead to delayed menstruation

Physical illness is a major cause of delayed menstruation. Some infectious gynecological inflammations may cause delayed menstruation. There are also non-infectious causes such as hyperthyroidism, severe anemia, and polycystic ovary syndrome. Under this kind of reasons, go to the hospital for treatment in time, and it can be normal after recovery.


2. Menstrual delay due to drug reasons

Many medicines may contain endocrine-affecting ingredients, and taking these medicines is another reason for delayed menstruation. For example: progesterone, emergency contraceptives, drugs to treat hyperthyroidism, etc. In this case, the drug can be stopped to return to normal.


3. Menstrual delay due to mental reasons

Another major reason for delayed menstruation is related to mental state. When a person's psychological pressure is too high and the spirit is highly stressed, it is often accompanied by a lot of negative emotions such as sadness, sadness, anxiety, anger, boredom, etc. In the long run, it may lead to delayed menstruation, breast tenderness, chest tightness and shortness of breath. , upset and other symptoms. For this reason, maintaining emotional stability, maintaining a happy and happy mood, is conducive to the stability of menstruation.

4. Menstrual delay due to physiological reasons

Physiological factors such as immaturity of the gonads and pregnancy are a major cause of delayed menstruation. In addition, some bad habits are also the physiological reasons for delayed menstruation, such as staying up late, eating cold food, smoking and drinking. Under such circumstances, it is necessary to scientifically and reasonably arrange diet, and timely physical examination to ensure health.

Women's health experts believe that few women can menstruate at the same time every month. Generally, as long as the time range is within 7 days in advance or delayed (including 7 days), it is a normal menstrual cramp. If the menstrual period is delayed for more than two weeks this month, after the possibility of pregnancy has been ruled out through early pregnancy test strips or hospital-related examinations, it should be considered as a menstrual disorder.

Some experienced Chinese medicine practitioners often start from the two reasons of pregnancy and irregular menstruation when judging delayed menstruation. A further cause is determined by judging the various symptoms of the two causes. When menstruation is delayed, doctors give priority to two major reasons. When judging that the reason is irregular menstruation, they will further judge pathological, drug-related and spiritual reasons. In addition, the cold winter is a period of high incidence of irregular menstruation, which is often caused by a cold uterus. Keeping warm in winter is the easiest way to prevent delayed menstruation.