Gynecological diseases reflected by changes in female private hair


Under normal circumstances, the number of hairs in a person's private parts is around 3,000, which, like hair, is replaced every six months on average. Although it is "disgusted" by many people, it does have its meaning. In addition, changes in the amount and color of pubic hair may be closely related to health.

The use of pubic hair is not small

Benefit 1: Reduced friction. These hairs act as "isolation barriers" for clothing and intimate areas, reducing the risk of fraying the delicate skin;

Benefit 2: Heat dissipation and sweat absorption. It can have a good ventilation and heat dissipation effect, so that there is room for "breathing" in the parts that are too humid for a long time;

Benefit 3: Isolate germs. For women, the private parts are very fragile. By covering the pubic hair, the invasion of some germs can be isolated and gynecological inflammation can be prevented.

What problems do the changes in pubic hair suggest to the body?

Problem 1: Too little pubic hair

When women have less hair in their private parts and underarms, they should not be happy about the hassle of removing hair, but should worry about ovarian problems. Some people with congenital ovarian dysplasia or premature ovarian failure show thinning pubic hair, often with symptoms such as subfertility. Therefore, usually pay attention to the maintenance of ovaries.

Question 2: pubic hair loss

Normally, pubic hair falls out naturally and is replaced about every six months, so these shedding hairs can often be seen. Pubic hair loss usually increases with age, and at a certain age, pubic hair becomes thinner, which is usually normal. However, if this happens to young women, it is time to consider the issue of low ovarian function.

Question 3: Color change

When the color of the hair in the private parts changes from black to white, it is mainly due to the reduction of melanin in the body, which may be caused by malnutrition or mental stress. If it is yellow or red, it may also be due to malnutrition or aging.

Question 4: There are attachments

If there are colored objects on your pubic hair, it could be a bacterial infection, usually yellow, red, and black. If there are small gray-white particles, itching and red spots appear on the vulva, consider whether it is caused by pubic lice and need timely treatment.

Every part of a woman's body has its own unique role, and if you don't know enough, you might miss these health codes.

What are the reasons for the whitening of pubic hair?

Reasons for whitening pubic hair 1: Endocrine disorders

Hair color, including pubic hair, is closely related to endocrine conditions. Endocrine disorders and premature ovarian failure can affect hormone levels in the body, as can the color of pubic hair.

Reasons for whitening pubic hair 2: Mental and nutritional factors

Mental state and nutritional factors also contribute to graying of pubic hair in women. Malnutrition and mental stress can cause pubic hair to fade or even turn white.

Reasons for whitening pubic hair 3: Vulvar lesions

Vulvar vitiligo is one of the common skin diseases of the vulva. Vulvar vitiligo is due to the destruction of melanocytes in the skin, which will make the skin color of the lesion white, and the pubic hair will also appear white.

How to properly care for pubic hair?

The care of pubic hair is easy to overlook, but in fact pubic hair plays a very important role in women's reproductive health. Pubic hair helps protect the private parts from external damage, and also helps reduce friction and discomfort during sex. Therefore, female friends must pay attention to the care of pubic hair, so as not to damage the pubic hair.

Care method 1: Wearing suitable underwear helps pubic hair care

Improper selection of underwear may lead to pubic hair involvement, resulting in inflammation of the hair follicles, small indurations at the root of the pubic hair, and discomfort in the private parts.

Nursing method 2: pubic hair care should pay attention to keeping the private parts ventilated

Due to the physiological characteristics of women, the private parts are easily damp. If you want to take good care of pubic hair, you must pay attention to keeping the perineum ventilated to reduce the occurrence of diseases.