Causes of sagging breasts


Breasts are the most precious in a woman's life. Breasts are very fragile and can cause a lot of damage if you are not careful. Sagging breasts hinder the curvaceous beauty of women's bodies. Sagging will affect women's self-confidence. More seriously, it will make people feel inferior and affect people's mental health.

Causes of sagging breasts

The point where the lower edge of the breast meets the surface of the torso is called the inframammary fold. In reasonable cases, especially in young women, the level of the nipple is above the inframammary fold. If it is below it, it is called sagging. , the lower it falls.

(1) Internal reasons

Internal causes of sagging breasts 1: Breastfeeding causes sagging breasts

After breastfeeding is generally stopped, the breast ducts, glands and fatty tissue shrink due to the decrease in hormone levels, while the skin and supporting tissue will also increase accordingly, resulting in sagging breasts.

Internal causes of sagging breasts 2: Weight loss causes sagging breasts

Weight loss is too fast, resulting in loose fat tissue and skin in the breast. More common in young and middle-aged women.

Internal causes of sagging breasts 3: Sagging breasts in later life

As people get older, various functions decline, and endocrine functions also decline. Breast sagging in the elderly is caused by the apparent degeneration and atrophy of the skin, supporting tissues, fat and glands, so the breasts sag in the form of empty sacs.

(2) External reasons

External causes of sagging breasts 1: Excessive dieting to lose weight and insufficient protein intake

In the state of long-term starvation, the human body thinks that it has entered the era of famine, and it will inevitably mobilize the stored fat and protein to deal with it, and one of the main structures of the breast is fat and collagen. Breast fat loss, loose skin, loss of breast muscle, and nutritional deficiencies cause glandular tissue to atrophy. The entire breast tissue is reduced, but the connective tissue that connects the breast muscles to the breasts is not, so the breasts become smaller and sagging. In order to prevent the breasts from becoming smaller and sagging during weight loss, high-protein foods should be combined with vitamins A, B, C, E, minerals calcium, magnesium, iron, etc., to provide sufficient nutrition for the breasts and maintain the balance of hormones. Makes the breasts full and firm.

External causes of sagging breasts 2: Like to bathe in very hot water

Avoid irritating your breasts with hot water when bathing, let alone soaking in hot water for a long time. Otherwise, the stratum corneum on the surface of the skin will be burned, the skin will become more and more dry, and the soft tissue of the breast will become more and more loose. The temperature of the bath water should be around 27 degrees.

External reasons for sagging breasts 3: I like to spray the breasts with a spray head

Don't underestimate the impact of bathing on the chest. The improper impact of the water flow is likely to cause a burden on the chest. Do not directly wash the ligaments of both shoulders with water. The position of the ligaments is roughly the same as that of the shoulder straps of the underwear. The ligaments play the role of lifting the chest and protect the ligaments It can prevent and delay sagging. Rinse the chest from bottom to top with the spray head, which can make the chest firm and enhance the effect.

External cause of sagging breasts 4: Bra size does not match, wrong way of wearing

Many women buy bras and go home without trying them on. In fact, bras that are too small can affect breast development, while wearing a bra that is too large for extended periods of time can lead to sagging breasts. The size of a woman's breasts can also change with age, as well as before and after marriage or pregnancy. At this time, when buying a bra, you should adjust the size and try it on before buying.

When wearing a bra, it's not just about buttoning the bra. First button the bra, then adjust the straps, lean forward, and tuck the entire breast and surrounding fat into the cup with your hands to make it look full. It can also avoid the transfer of breast fat, making the breasts smaller and smaller.

External causes of sagging breasts 5: Sleeping on your stomach

It’s okay to sleep on your stomach occasionally, but if you sleep on your stomach for a long time, women’s breast tissue can be squeezed too much, leading to premature breast aging, loose skin, and deformed breasts. Impaired blood circulation in the breast. If so, the remedy is to lie on your back or place a small pillow on your back.

External causes of sagging breasts 6: Not wearing sports underwear when exercising

When running, bouncing and other sports, if you do not wear sports underwear, the chest will swing greatly involuntarily, causing permanent damage to the elastic fiber tissue of the chest. According to statistics, 50% of the women interviewed did not know that shaking the breasts violently during exercise will damage the elastic fibers of the breasts and cause the breasts to sag. Excessive exercise or inadvertently wearing underwear while exercising can damage your breasts, sagging for those with large breasts and getting smaller for those with smaller breasts. Especially girls who like running, skipping and other chest reduction exercises should pay special attention. When exercising, be sure to wear a sports bra to protect your chest.