How to raise Texas fish?


The body color of the Texas fish is squeezed into gray, covered with black and white spots, cyan spots and markings, and the food is very fierce, so try to avoid mixing with small fish when mixing. Due to its special body shape, it can arouse the love of many young aquarists.

Shape characteristics of Texas fish

Texan is a ferocious carnivorous fish, so try to avoid mixing with smaller fish in captivity. Texan fish are strong and not difficult to keep. In addition, the shape is very special, very popular with young aquarists.

Texas fish is native to Mexico and can grow up to 20 to 30 cm in length. The body is broad and the back is slightly high. The head is big and the eyes are high. The dorsal fin base is long, the anal fin base is short, the ends of the dorsal and anal fins are pointed, the caudal fin is long, the caudal peduncle is short, and the caudal fin is truncate. Body color is gray with off-white spots, cyan dots, and markings. There are three-dimensional beads on the dark gray rear part of the adult fish. Males and females are hard to tell apart. The male dorsal fin is long, the tip can reach the tail, the head is raised, broad and thick; the female dorsal fin is shorter and the upper end of the head is flat.

Texas fish breeding environment

The body length of Texas fish is 20-30 cm, so when raising, you need to prepare a suitable size aquarium for them. If you are raising, remember not to mix them with small fish. Carnivorous Texas fish is likely to have small fish being swallowed by larger fish.

Texan fish are strong and can grow in average water quality. The optimum water temperature is 22 to 26 degrees. Not much appetite. In fact, Texas fish can be eaten at any temperature above 20°C It grows well in low water temperatures. You should prepare an aquarium longer than 40 cm and fill it with new, clean and old water. And adjust the water temperature to 26 degrees, the ph should be stable at around 6.5-7. Choose a purple sand flower pot, place it sideways in the water, and ovulate and fertilize in the pot. Males take on the task of protecting their eggs. At this time, if there is a ferocious fish larger than the male fish swimming, it will take the initiative to attack regardless of the danger of life. The eggs hatch in 36 hours and grow into juveniles after 3 days of drinking water.

Points for raising Texas fish

Texan fish are carnivorous and will prey on small fish if mixed with small ornamental fish. Texas fish are strong and not very strict on water quality, so it is not difficult to raise them.

In captivity, Texas fish can be fed live food such as bloodworms, water worms, mealworms, small fish, and shrimp. Grumpy, irritable, strong territorial concept. And will prey on small fish. So this kind of fish cannot be mixed, and even the same fish cannot be raised together in a small aquarium. Feeding is easy, and like other cichlids, they are free-loving and unpaired.