What kind of brow shape is suitable for you?


Many friends who like makeup will put a lot of thought into expanding their eyes and highlighting in order to make their faces look smaller. But did you know that maybe just a little change of your eyebrows can give your makeup a different vibrancy and make your face shape more complete. Today I will tell you how to draw eyebrows.


Choose an eyebrow shape that suits you best:

1. Natural eyebrows: decisive, pure, neutral, childish.

The curve of the eyebrows is close to the height of the eyebrow peak, and the curve from the eyebrow peak to the eyebrow tail is a natural stretch. It's a bit like the one-line eyebrows of the 80's, but slightly curved.

2, curved eyebrows: a woman's soft, and very attractive.

The height of the eyebrows is higher than the eyebrows, and the width of the eyebrows is narrower and rounder.


3. Liu Ye Mei: The most popular eyebrow shape among Chinese traditional beauties.

The width of the eyebrows, eyebrow peaks, and eyebrow tails are very narrow, and the eyebrow peak is an arc, which looks like a twisted semicircle.

4. Sword eyebrows: The facial features are long and narrow, and the heroic appearance is valiant.

The sword eyebrow was drawn from the tip of the eyebrow to the tip of the eyebrow, and it ended soon. The height of the eyebrow peak was higher than the eyebrow, and there was a slight arc, which looked like a sword.


Different kinds of thrush products Advantages and disadvantages of products:

1. Eyebrow pencil: the most commonly used eyebrow pencil for eyebrow drawing, pay attention to softness when choosing an eyebrow pencil, and choose a softer eyebrow pencil to ensure that the skin will not be scratched.

Advantages of the product: The operation of the eyebrow pencil is simple, the time of using the eyebrow pencil is long, and the drawing will be very natural.

Cons of the product: The lines of the brows can appear stiff and give a serious look. When using the eyebrow pencil, hold the end of the pencil to allow it to draw more elastically, and draw the brows as quickly and gently as possible, depending on the direction of hair growth. Then use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to wipe off all the excess on it.


2. Eyebrow powder: Matte eyebrow powder can fill the gap between the eyebrows very well, which can make your eyebrows more perfect. If you don't use eyebrow powder, you can use the same color eye shadow to achieve the same effect. The editor recommends friends who have just learned to make up and friends with light colors to use eyebrow powder when drawing eyebrows, which will be more natural.

Pros of the product: Brow powder has a natural action, long-lasting color, and a wide range of applications, which can be used behind the pencil or before.

Cons of the product: A little heavy if not correct. The editor tells you that you can use a super fine angled eyebrow pencil with a little brow powder, or dip a little powder on your brows, the effect will be better.


3. Eyebrow Gel: It can quickly color your eyebrows, making your eyebrows clearer and more three-dimensional.

Pros of the product: Quick, convenient, especially for areas that don't need filling, but want to make your brows look thicker or add a little more color.

Cons of the product: Only suitable for makeup or to increase the volume of the brows, it cannot adjust the brow shape.

4. Eyebrow cream: For thick and thick eyebrows, apply a thick and thick effect.

Pros of the product: For people with a small amount of eyebrows.

Disadvantages of the product: If you can't master it well, if you use it wrongly, it will appear unnatural and there will be big flaws. The editor recommends using eyebrow powder, which can also solve the problem of less eyebrows.