Ways to improve dry skin


Dry skin is a very common facial problem, especially affected by the seasons. Sometimes when the seasons change, whether it is dry skin or oily skin, local skin feels dry. In addition to making our face feel uncomfortable and tight, dry skin can also cause fine lines or powder when applying makeup. This article will explain in detail what causes dry skin, how to improve dry skin, and the problems that dry skin can cause us.

Causes of dry skin

There are many causes of dry skin, we must first identify the causes of dryness before we can find solutions based on these causes. The first reason is that when the seasons change, the surrounding environment suddenly becomes dry, the sebum secretion decreases and the moisture of the stratum corneum decreases, which will lead to dry facial skin and even peeling. The second is the problem of your own disease. If you have eczema, facial regenerative dermatitis, chronic dermatitis, etc., it will also cause dry skin. If you belong to this category, you must not use some skin care products without permission. You must first go to the hospital to clarify Which one do you belong to, it is up to the doctor to tell you how to improve. The third reason is that acid brushing is very popular recently, but some people will not control the amount of acid brushing, resulting in dry skin. When brushing acid, you must control the amount, avoid skin wounds, and pay attention to hydration after brushing acid. If you can't control the amount, it is best to ask your doctor if you are suitable for acid brushing and how to brush acid. The last reason is not to over-cleanse our skin, but to properly retain the natural oils on our face, which can form a protective film on our skin. These are the most common causes of dry skin. So for these reasons, the following will explain the methods to solve these reasons.


Methods to improve dry skin

There is no way to improve dry skin. If you insist on using the methods mentioned below, the dryness will definitely be relieved. The first method is to shorten the time you bathe or soak in the bath. Taking a long bath can cause your skin to become tight and dry. The second method is to try not to use too hot water when taking a bath, just use warm water that makes you feel comfortable. Taking a hot bath for a long time will also cause the skin to become more and more dry. The third method is to avoid the use of skin care products, cleaning products or cosmetics with too many chemical additives, and try to avoid the use of laundry detergents and other cleaning products that contain a lot of fragrance. Clothes will come into contact with our skin. Too many chemical additives can also cause drying. The fourth method is, do not over-cleanse our skin, gently exfoliate the skin while cleaning, which can also clear the dead skin cells remaining on our skin. When cleaning, if you choose to use acid-containing products, the concentration of salicylic acid should not exceed 2% and the concentration of glycolic acid should not exceed 10%. Also, if you have sensitive skin, clean it once or twice a week. The last method is also the best and suitable for everyone. This method is to choose products with strong moisturizing properties. You can apply a layer of moisturizing cream before going to bed, and apply a suitable thickness according to your dryness. .


Problems caused by dry skin

Dry skin can cause us to peel off, severe itching, and make our face or other parts feel tight and uncomfortable. For women who often wear makeup, the biggest problem with dry skin is sticky powder and patchy skin after makeup.


Dry skin will bring us a lot of troubles, but it is not insurmountable and the solution is not difficult. So if your skin is often dry, you can try the above methods.