How to wear a loose T-shirt?


Spring and summer is the world of T-shirts. You don’t have to think about what to wear when you go out. A simple white T-shirt can go out~ T-shirts are a very common matching item, mainly trousers and skirts. Jeans, wide-leg pants are the most common pants, short skirts, hip skirts, knitted skirts.

Many people are loving oversize T-shirts these days, because this T-shirt not only makes you look slim, but also allows you to wear a lot of them.

Oversize is just like its name, it is loose, and the size of the clothes is usually several times its own size. Although Oversize has long been outdated, it is still a popular element of autumn and winter.

A loose-fitting T-shirt can "disappear" your lower body, especially if these pants make your legs look longer. You can also purchase a belt that accentuates your waist and is comfortable. The following collocation recommendations hope to bring you some help.

Loose THow should the shirt be matched with ?

Matching recommendation 1. Loose T-shirt + pleated skirt

A short loose T-shirt and a high-waisted skirt hide your belly. It is very slim and shows your legs very well. It is an indispensable piece in the wardrobe. The pleated skirt is very Fashionable, there are shoes, socks, bags, all in black and white, very suitable for school.

Matching recommendation 2, loose T-shirt + pantyhose + sneakers

The upper body is a loose shirt, and the lower body is a very good match, which makes her figure more slender, wearing a somewhat tattered T-shirt on the upper body, and a pair of very ordinary jeans below.

Matching recommendation 3, loose T-shirt + white jeans + canvas shoes

Black upper body, white shorts, it will look very comfortable to wear, a pair of clean trousers, and a pair of canvas shoes.

Matching recommendation 4, loose T-shirt + pants

A loose T-shirt plus a pair of simple trousers and a pair of black trousers look very simple and elegant.

Matching recommendation 5, loose T-shirt + coat

Coats are the most popular item in autumn, and they are okay for tall people, but if they are too small, they are not suitable. But because of the belt, his waist was also elongated, making him look slender.

White T Advantages of shirts:

1. A white T-shirt can be matched with a variety of styles of pants. Whether it's jeans, casual pants, or sports pants, it can be matched with a white T.

2. A white T-shirt and a short skirt are also a good match. Short skirts of different colors and styles can be matched with a white T, which is very beautiful. This is a suspender skirt that has been very popular in recent years, which can be worn with a white T-shirt.

3, white T-shirt and jacket can be matched. White T is the best, no matter what color, you can match it with a white T-shirt, such as denim jacket, leather jacket, suit jacket and so on.

WhiteTRecommended shirt matching:

Matching recommendation 1. A white T-shirt and shorts are the most common match. Denim shorts, shorts and shorts can be matched with a white T-shirt, which is simple and beautiful.

Pair with recommended 2. Wide-leg pants are also very suitable. A very plain white T-shirt and a pair of loose trousers give people a very temperamental feeling.

Matching recommendation 3. Not only pants, but also a white T-shirt, like a retro polka dot skirt, a T-shirt, a polka dot skirt, and a polka dot skirt, which can match all colors, no will appear out of place.