How to wear a simple T-shirt in early autumn fashion?


T-shirts are a very common piece of clothing that can make you more stylish no matter the season. In the early autumn, T-shirts are also a very practical style, which will have a cool feeling in the morning and evening, plus a small coat will do. As for the matching, it is very casual, you can wear whatever you want, easy and fashionable! Today I want to talk about a few T-shirt collocation recommendations.

Recommended collocation of T-shirts 1. T-shirts with wide-leg pants are loose

This is a combination that has been popular since last year, it is clean and refreshing, and it is very comfortable to wear.

Recommended collocation of T-shirts 2. Collocation of medium-sized loose short T-shirts

A collection of cute girls visible to the naked eye, with a casual mix. The loose straight-tube design makes the whole shape more slender, and the whole person exudes a youthful atmosphere. The classic round neck style makes your outfit more casual. Slim fit style, not picky, no matter what color, very beautiful. The overall style that can be changed at will, fashionable and individual.

Recommended collocation of T-shirts 3. Korean style all-match casual short-sleeved T-shirts

A loose-fitting Korean T-shirt that covers your body, makes you look slimmer, and keeps you out of the heat. Simple round neck, clean and elegant. With letters of the same color all over the body, it looks very conspicuous, and it is easy to become a handsome girl. The straight elastic design can easily cover your figure and make you look slimmer. A loose and youthful long T-shirt, this one is relatively long and can be easily seen when worn on the body.

Recommended collocation of T-shirts Fourth, Korean loose short-sleeved T-shirts

Korean style loose t-shirt, really super simple. Without any decoration, it is simple and atmospheric, and the loose style makes people feel no burden. Pair a cropped silhouette with high-waisted trousers or a long skirt to make you look taller. Because it is a loose style, it will not cause too much impact on the body. The whole person looks clean and handsome.

Recommended collocation of T-shirts 5. Short-sleeved T-shirts with loose letter printing

The elements of the letter print are full of stylish wildness, there is a very wonderful magic, and the bright effect is very obvious throughout the combination. The monogram print adds a bit of interest to the whole look, making it simple yet stylish. Simple round neck, simple yet stylish. The design of the lace cuffs makes your dullness more easily broken and more fashionable. Simple and functional styles, paired with jeans and a short skirt, can make you look full of energy and vitality.

Recommended collocation of T-shirts 6. Round neck suspender type sun protection clothing long-sleeved T-shirt

The slightly larger round neck reveals a beautiful collarbone, which is sexy and stylish. The hem of the shoulders can weaken the line of the shoulders very well, and it is also very friendly to girls with wider shoulders. The strap design of the skirt is a loose style without buttons, and a high waist design with a knot. A set of skirts can be matched with different styles. You can wear shorts and shorts!

Finally, a reminder that no matter how much money you spend on a t-shirt, even the best in the world, it's a piece of casual wear. In order to attend formal or semi-formal occasions such as weddings, interviews, etc., make sure that the occasions you are attending allow for semi-formal or casual. If you don't want people to think you're messing around, then don't wear a T-shirt for formal occasions.