What pants can you wear with a loose t-shirt?


80% of my time is spent on T-shirts. T-shirts and skirts are the most beautiful and comfortable. With just a few t-shirts and a few pairs of pants, you'll have seven different t-shirt combinations that will keep you from getting bored all summer long.


Recommended T-shirt collocation 1. Shirt and T-shirt

This combination is very ordinary, very young. Pair with solid color shirts, or with plaid, denim and other shirts.

Recommended T-shirt collocation 2. Sweater and T-shirt

In autumn, many people will wear sweaters. Black sweater + white T-shirt is a very common combination. Occasionally, I can see the T-shirts inside, which looks very fashionable.


Recommended T-shirt collocation 3. Jeans

A loose tee is easy to match and can be worn with jeans. It's a very trendy outfit to wear with a coat if the weather is cold.

Recommended T-shirt collocation 4. Autumn sweater

Bottoms can be matched with skirts and trousers. In winter, you can wear a T-shirt inside. If the weather is cold, you can wear a sweater outside without making people feel bloated.


Recommended T-shirt collocation 5. Wide-leg pants

If a loose T-shirt and jeans are the most basic combination, then pairing with wide-leg jeans is the most advanced combination. These wide-leg jeans are straighter and more stylish than ordinary jeans, giving people a cool and cool feeling, very refreshing and beautiful!

But loose T-shirt + wide-leg pants also have a minefield, if you wear them wrongly, you will look short. Therefore, the general wide-leg jeans should have a high waist, so that the body line can be lifted, and people with short stature can wear a height of one meter eight. The calf, otherwise the thick leg will be exposed. In addition, although wide-leg pants are looser and can cover the flesh, you can't choose too loose and fat ones, which will be counterproductive, and the slender body will also appear thicker legs.


Recommendations for T-shirt collocation 6. Overalls

Such a match is simply the perfect choice for a little fairy with a slightly bloated figure. The legs of the overalls are designed to be looser, which can well cover the fat on the thighs and calves. The design of the pants does not extend outward, but reduces the length of the legs just right. When wearing a loose T-shirt, you can tuck it into your pants, and your slender figure will instantly become slender, and you will be full of aura when you walk.

Recommended T-shirt collocation seven, skirt

Such a combination is not only a "neutral + woman" combination, but also a "young + mature" combination. It is definitely a model of the current popular mix and match. A group of two people is simply synonymous with fashion.


Recommended T-shirt collocation eight, casual pants

Ordinary slacks are mainly in ordinary colors, plus a single-color stripe, just like school uniforms during student days. These pants are more sporty and are more suitable for casual loose T-shirts. This is a fresh and refined match, although not too fancy, but the simple match makes people feel very fashionable. If you feel a little monotonous with the combination of these two sets, you can embellish it with bags to increase the overall level.

Most fairies who like to wear loose T-shirts will choose simple and comfortable styles, and prefer her sweet, handsome, royal sister, and the girl next door temperament. For little fairies, when wearing a loose T-shirt and pants in the future, don't just think about simple shorts, you can also try trousers, which are both beautiful and durable!