How to determine the exercise excess recovery period?


The excess recovery theory has an important guiding role in the growth of muscle and strength, but at the same time, for a considerable number of bodybuilders, especially those who focus on strength training, how to make better use of this theory is very important, if not mastered The timing of training and recovery, it is difficult for the body to recover to a sufficient degree too early, and it is difficult to effectively improve the strength level too late.

Three paragraph theory

Roughly speaking, recovery can be divided into three stages. The first stage is mainly the consumption of the human body, and this stage is also the stage of exercise; The second stage is mainly based on absorption and synthesis. The body begins to repair the damage and gradually returns to the level before exercise. In the third stage, the body has roughly returned to the state before exercise, but the relevant function level of the body will continue to increase, exceeding the original level. Level.

Body recovery

Even as a whole, muscles and systems in various parts of the body recover differently when they are fully exercised and when the body is exhausted. In general, the recovery of the nervous system takes 1 to 2 days, while the recovery of the muscular system takes 2 to 3 days or even longer, depending on the focus of the exercise.

How to determine your excess recovery period

Excessive recovery is an integral part of exercise, and muscle soreness is not necessary. Therefore, how to grasp the different stages of physical recovery is a must for bodybuilders. Unfortunately, the occurrence of excess recovery is influenced by many factors. For individuals, a more realistic option is to summarize the laws of the body through the feedback of the body during long-term exercise and use it as much as possible in professional life. With help, plan your body's recovery based on the reality of each workout.

Better let the excess recovery work

In order for the stimulation of exercise to have a more positive effect on muscle strength and volume and maintain a relatively continuous trend, regular training is only part of the equation. As a basic premise of excessive recovery, you need to prepare enough or even excess substances, proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc. for the recovery of the body, and ensure that the body gets enough rest, which is especially important for strength training.