What does a spinning bike do?


If you find machines like treadmills, steppers, and ellipticals too tedious, tedious, and exhausting, start spinning. Spinning bikes are one of the most powerful machines in the gym. Their physical requirements are very high. Typically, one class can burn the equivalent of a 1.5-hour long run.

The role of spinning

Spinning bikes have high intensity, high physical requirements for participants, and have a good effect on fat loss and slimming. And riding a spinning bike can put you off and even put on weight.


Adjust the seat

The first is to adjust the distance between the handlebars. The height of the handlebar is flush with the seat height, and the distance from the handlebar to the seat is the length from the elbow to the middle finger. Then there's the seat height adjustment. Too high or too low is not suitable. The standard is to keep the hips close to the saddle with one foot straight. This pose protects your knees as much as possible.

Exercise intensity

Spinning exercise 3 times a week for 45-60 minutes. In general, a complete spinning session includes warm-up, foundation, and relaxation sections with durations of 10, 40 and 10 minutes. During the warm-up phase, you can keep your heart rate at 110 times/min. The basic phase gradually increases the exercise load, but the heart rate does not exceed 150 beats/min. The relaxation phase is the same as the warm-up phase. Stick with it for at least 16 weeks and you'll see noticeable fat loss.


Preventive measures

The first is to tie your shoelaces before spinning. Better to be a little tighter. If the laces are too long, they should be tucked into the shoe. Second, when you experience discomfort during exercise, do not stop suddenly, the inertia of the pedal will increase the risk of injury, it is best to stop slowly. So, enjoy the fun that spinning bikes bring to you!